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[detailmap] where are the detailmaps in COD4?

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i am using the cod4 assets manager.
i want to know how and where could i use the detailmap
thanks in advance.

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I've not got the game myself but at a guess it's either going to be a separate texture image (in the same folder or location as the original, or, in a separate 'details' directory) or they may have used the alpha channel on one of the textures. It could also be a 'generic' image in the same way Unreal applies the same 'detail' image to everything.

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Sorry to bump this thread but you should perhaps try looking at the existing model assets and see how detail maps are applied (if they are).

I don't remember ever applying any detail maps to any of the models I worked on during my time working with CoD 4.

The only parts that were of interest to me were the diffuse, specular, and normal maps.