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Need easy Blender tutorials + download videotutorials

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I am skilled in gmax and 3ds max .
I readed book 3ds max 7
Now reading book Blender - the hardest 3D software I ever saw .
And please I need to advice where to download Blender videotutorials . Kat yours are published in Youtube .
I not have internet , using in pub .
I found some easy Blender tutorials on your site Kat and also on different place but need more

Thanks Fitness aka Kic ( Enemy Territory modeler and level designer )

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I'm just in the process of working on a series of tutorials for Blender 2.5, just finishing up one that's basically an updated version of the previous learning Blender tute here. I do have video planned but it's all about the time, the written tutorials are a priority because they can be translated into other languages by readers.

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