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Seeking: 3d modellers and texturers

Terms: Unpaid production with share of royalties after release.

Subject: UK architecture, railway infrastructure and general flora as required for RailWorks.

Project Term: 6 – 10 months depending on build speed.

About You: You will be a relatively experienced modeller and texturer using 3ds Max, 3d canvas, Blender or any other modelling platform from which successful export can be attained to RailWorks.

You will be able to create assets quickly and accurately keeping poly counts under control at all times.

You will be happy creating some items from scant information and not rely fully on blueprints or plans.

You will have a portfolio or suitable examples to submit in line with the subject. If you do not have suitable content we may ask you to create a suitable asset from supplied photographs.

About Us: We are a UK based company publishing and creating add-on content for train simulation platforms. Following 5 years of experience in the commercial production of add-ons for Microsoft Train Simulator Fastline Simulation was created as an independent publisher for add-on content from other developers.

A year ago we took the decision (after ceasing involvement with another commercial add-on creator) to begin creation of rolling stock for the RailWorks platform and are close to release of the first pack after an extended gestation due to delays caused by other life commitments.

Following some discussion within existing team members we have decided to expand and begin the creation of UK routes for RailWorks. As a consequence we are seeking a number of modellers to create scenery assets (both shape and texture) for at least two new routes, with an option to extend the collaboration to future projects.

In line with the common structure of UK train simulation add-on production there would be no upfront payment but a share of royalties is offered after release.

We are a small team with an eye for detail and quality. We have a good rapport and an underlying ethos of balance between, what is in effect, a hobby for ourselves and real life.

Website: www.fastline-simulation.co.uk

Contact: To make initial contact, please use the form here: http://www.fastline-simulation.co.uk/contact.html