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Flysoftworks is a new game development studio dedicated to deliver gaming experiences dominated by powerful storytelling, characterization and intelligent gameplay design. Right now we are working on our first title THE RESISTANCE.

The Resistance is a story-driven, episodic, action-adventure game set in an alternate world after the end of World War II. 

Our team comprises  approx. 15 talented individuals mainly based in the UK, additionally the US, Europe and Asia, all working on a profit share basis.

We have strong interest from a major publisher and are working towards a demo for late 1st quarter 2015 with Kickstarter in mind.

 We have concept designs in place.

We are looking for talented and experienced 3d artists who can work remotely.

Ideally you have some of these skills:
•   You can texture, shade, light and articulate just as well as they can sculpt
•   Understand surfacing, can create fantastic textures and can author materials
•   Have an appreciation of rigging and articulation, including how topology can influence deformation
•   Know how to build meshes that can reproduce the source material, but which are light on resources and performance
•   Ability to produce high-quality and refined rendering
•   Up to date with technological advances in the fields of high-polygon modeling, optimization, etc
•   Know your anatomy

You are familiar with some of these software applications
•   3D S Max / Maya
•   Vray
•   Zbrush
•   Photoshop / Gimp
•   Other applications considered

•   You have a solid understanding of design principles, and an appreciation of how character art decisions can affect both playability and design production.
•   You’re high on initiative, have great written and verbal communication skills, and know how to manage your time effectively.

•   You’re open to and will act on team criticism and feedback. You can take, understand and apply art direction, even if you might not personally agree. You’re not averse to returning to something you’d considered completed, for instance, if a colleague gives feedback.

General Requirements:
•   Ability to communicate in English (we don’t expect applicants to be fluent in English)
•   Use Skype for day-to-day communication
•   Ability to offer between 10 – 15 hours p/week to the development of the game

We’d love to hear from you if you feel you can contribute and want to be part of the next GAME OF THE YEAR!

Please apply to Estie Bothma


•   links to your portfolio/CV and a
•   brief summary of your experience
•   your specialisms
•   why you’re interested in the position.