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[MAP] Export Script for Blender 2.83 and newer

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Export script for Blender to export *.MAP files for import into Radiant, QuArk, or other MAP editor variants. Supports Blender 2.83 through 4.(x).

Download & Installation info >

To learn more about using Blender as a MAP based level editor see "Making A *.Map Based Level In Blender"

Map Prep
Depending on the type of game or development environment being used, mesh objects for the core of any *.map file exported from Blender and should be;
  • Solid 'convex' objects, i.e. cubic or rectilinear shapes with no surface indentations.
  • Axial, aligned or snapped to the grid in Blender as much as possible.
  • Separate, independently selectable, objects.
  • Assigned (optionally) material assignments (images not specifically necessary).
  • Made at actual size (use Radiant Entity Kit for reference).

Map Export
When exporting, to avoid including everything that might be in a project file either delete unwanted objects or hide them, selecting only those parts to be included in the resulting *.map file. Export settings depend on the environment being exported to, but might typically be, to export for idTech based version of Radiant;

 - Selection Only
 - Apply transforms
 - Apply modifiers

Object types
 - Mesh: Brush
 - Nurbs: Ignore
 - Lights: Ignore (if not present)
 - Empty: Ignore (if not used)

 - Grid: 8.00
 - Depth: 0.00
 - Scale: 1.00
 - Precision: 5

Output format
 - Planes: Quake
 - UVs: Standard
 - Flags: None
 - Output: File

 - Grouping: Generic
 - Class: func_group
 - Material: skip (or caulk)
- Tex size: 64

MAP export options for Blender

MAP Import (Radiant)
To load the exported MAP file into Radiant, QuArk, NetRadiant or other MAP editor, from the File menu select Open and browse to the exported *.map file. Select and click Open *.map. If export has been successful the map will load into Radiant as is, with only materials needing to be replaced or reassigned.

Important: there may be issues opening an exported *.map file in NetRadiant, QuArK or other non-classic Radiant editor. If this happens try opening the *.map file in Classic Radiant and then (re)saving the file from there. This will ensure the internal data of the file is properly structured and formatted, which should then open without issue in non-Classic Radiant editors.

Open exported map in Radiant

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From the ReadMe
This addon allows exporting Blender scenes to idTech .map file format.

Supported Blender versions: 2.83 - 4.0+
Supported game formats: Quake, Half-Life, Quake 2, Quake 3, Doom 3, Quake 4
Other Quake-derived games (Jedi Academy, Call of Duty, etc) are untested, but hopefully also compatible.

Meshes will be exported to brushes (either as individual faces, or as convex hulls of each mesh). Curves and metaballs are treated as meshes. NURBS surfaces can either be exported as patches, or be converted to meshes on export. The addon will also export lights, cameras, and empty objects as point entities, with any custom properties they may have.

The addon offers UVs in "Standard Quake", "Valve220" and "Brush Primitives" formats, custom grid and precision, automatic triangulation of concave surfaces, detail flag assignment, export to clipboard in plaintext and GTK formats, geometry scaling with adaptive light intensity, and automatic spotlight creation.