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Gatekeeping Hobbies and 'Male' Spaces (Gamergate)

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Hindsight is a wonderful thing as it reveals patterns that weren't clearly discernible before. For GamerGate it's now clear 'gamergate' was never about 'gamergate', 'the thing' was never about 'the thing', it was instead about 'the thing' as a tool of leverage that could be wielded against 'those that notice things'.


And when they did notice, they were institutionally bullied because they wouldn't stop noticing.

GamerGate was never about "ethics in journalism", it was never about "misogynist hate keeping women out of gaming", those were simply narrative tools that framed, and simultaneously obfuscated, moves by cultural vandals shouting 'bloody murder', entry and the eventual take over of all the popular, typically male dominated, spaces; games, comics, film & TV, and to a lesser extent music.

And now they have them, they won't be taken back.

The plan;