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Boycotting AI

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Boycotting AI

Let's be totally frank about the AI Wars of 2023; what can artists, creators, authors actually do about it? No, really. What?

How many would need to decline use of Google, Microsoft, Amazon et al products and services that backbone the development and deployment of AI?

How much would need to be surrendered to dent their trillion-dollar bottom lines enough for them to course-correct, stop or reign in their pursuit of everything AI? And how long would that take?

In the mean-time, will 'independent' AI developers, researchers and content creators stop out of conscience? For the good of mankind? Or will they carry on, saturating the market with cheap, readily consumed content, that will be less derivative as time passes.

After all progress is good.

More pointedly, why would the AI gods want to surrender control over the engineered future they have in stall for humanity (THX1138, Logan's Run, et al)? AI as an 'everything app', service or tool.

For artists, creators, authors and the likes, what is an effective strategy to counter this reality?


Consumers don't care about "copyright" - if its available, it is consumed (it must be okay otherwise it wouldn't be available).

Consumers will avidly consume the 'personalised' entertainment experiences they are going to be told AI can dynamically generate for them;

Promo: "Customise your cinematic experience for just $9.99 a month"
Service: "Please enter your text prompts"
Consumer: "Willow fighting the ancient unicorn-demon terrors, Bella and Tom Cruise faithfully by his side".
Service: "Please wait a moment while we render your selection".

Again, what can artists, creators, authors, do to slow, never mind stop, this tide?

Who are they to stand in the way of highly individualised content consumption?

By the time any corrective legislation goes live, China, India and other jurisdictions that don't fully comply with International Copyright will engage the warp drives to 11 and Spinal Conquistadors will rule the tomato infested wheat pool.