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SCAM ALERT: Nord VPN Brand Ambassadorship Inquiry

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Similar to the previous Nike brand/sponsorship scam, another one addressed to YouTube creators, claims to be from Nord VPN Technology brand ambassador program. Sender is a throwaway GMX (German) account/address with no other Corporate or individual identifiers. Needless to say if the message doesn't come from the nordvpn.com domain it's a scam.

Dear YouTuber,
I hope you're having a great day today. We at Nord VPN Technology are impressed by the quality of content on your YouTube channel, and we think that a joint venture between our brands could be beneficial for all parties involved.
As a well-established software company in the industry, we are always looking for novel ways to engage with our target audience. Your YouTube channel has caught our attention due to the imaginative content you produce.
We are excited about collaborating with you to promote Nord VPN products to your subscribers. We have a collection of materials available for your use which contains comprehensive information about our products and services.
You can gain access to this compilation by using the password: [password]
Web Link: [URL to anonymous file sharing dropbox]
If you are available, we would be delighted to discuss this opportunity further with you. We're eager to hear your feedback, and we can't wait to receive you in the near future.
Nord VPN Systems