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Duke Nukem Forever 2001 leak Cannibal model format import/export for Blender

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Just an announcement that Zeddb has issued a plugin for Blender that reads in and exports Duke Nukem Forever's CPJ (Cannibal) model format. This format was used in the 2001 leak of the game that hit the streets recently.

Plugin is available here: moddb.com/mods/dnf2001-restoration-project/downloads/blender-to-cpj-plugin-for-dnf2001

Tutorial by Liquid Otacon is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7H-Jn_9qGE&ab_channel=DukeNukemForever2001RestorationProject

[Edit] link disabled. See post below. Kat.

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This discussion has been moved to General 3D and topic-locked because the legality of the tool is in question as it pertains to content that was never official released by the IP holders. Any tools therefore are subject to claims the IP holders might make due to their facilitating the disassembly, reassembly and distribution, and/or monetisation of material for which the Rights holders have not granted permission.