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Studio Toolkit - Room Skeleton Scale Issue

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When using IMVU Studio Toolkit to make furniture rooms using the Room Tool, make sure any custom meshes added to the 3D Viewport/scene are correctly parented to Skeleton.Room (skeleton.Room) and reside in the 'export' collection - ROOM_EXPORT.

This can be done in the 3D Viewport by selecting the mesh object (in Object Mode) and skeleton.Room node, then from the Object menu selecting Parent > Object (Object > Parent > Object) and setting Object as the Type in the Make Parent popup that appears.

Alternatively select the mesh in the Outliner and drag it over Skeleton.Room to automatically parent mesh to node. If this isn't done the room skeleton will be rescaled in import to a much smaller size.

Image I: although meshes are in the correct Collection, ROOM_EXPORT, they are incorrectly parented to Skeleton.Room and are not linked to it - there is no meaningful relationship between the two that IMVU can use to determine correct hierarchy.

Image II: once correctly parented to Skeleton.Room the meshes reside under that instance in the hierarchy, creating the correct structure for IMVU to use.