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Edit a mesh in mid cloth simulation?....

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Is there a way to edit, or repair, a mesh within a cloth physics simulation?

I remember there was a method to somehow manipulate a single mesh frame in the simulation series to correct for penetrations or any other unwanted errors that occured, yet still allow the following mesh frames to remain unaltered.

For example - if you have a cloth simulation 100 frames long, but, say, frame 31 has the cloth poking thru the subject, can you edit that mesh frame and save the result, while allowing the rest of the simulation to run undisturbed?

I use mostly Blender 2.49b.

I do not seem to be able to find the proper search terms to land on the information for it....

This is something I heard about a loonnngg time ago, and cannot remember or refind the answer to....


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Meshes can be tweaked at any point by toggling into Edit Mode to make adjustments. Doing this essentially resets the simulation though, which will need to run again. If significant clipping occurs it's best to adjust the 'physics' characteristics/controls of the simulation.