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Minecraft themed 'Trominoes'

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Following on from the previous Minecraft themed game of dominoes is another papercraft game of sorts for parents, guardians or grownups otherwise responsible for those same kids who can't seem to drag themselves away from Minecraft sans 'episodes', especially when they should be doing something else, again (homework, chores, eating, sleeping etc.).

The below 'Minecraft themed 'Trominoes'' (tri + dominoes = trominoes) is another print-n-play table top game to help redirect and engage young minds with a simple Minecraft themed game that encourages real world participation through artwork they're familiar with. It's 'Minecraft' RL Trominoes!.

Instructions for use: download the Minecraft themed trominoes PDF (c. 4MB), print the sheets (A4, Letter or larger 'A' formatted page) and cut out along the outside of the black borders to create a set of 34 'Minecraft' tiles they can play InRL (34 tiles to keep printing and cutting to a minimum). For added durability, after printing stick the sheets to cardboard then cut out the tiles. Alternatively cover front and back with clear wrapping tape. For even greater versatility print on magnetic paper to create dominoes fridge magnets!

*the themed dominoes printout is based on material copyright Mojang and Microsoft and provided for personal use only. It is not endorsed by, or otherwise associated with, either entity. In-game assets have been recreated thematically to resemble artwork and to facilitate ease of printing (personal printer, facsimile, photo-copying etc.). NOT OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG.