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Complaining about IMVU bans (NSFW)

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Thank you for answering my questions. I appreciate your feedback.

Tell me why people would want to be on IMVU when they get threatened, harassed, bullied stalked, people posted unwanted comments on their profile, they make bots to post unwanted comments on people's posts, they threaten presidents and people have to contact the police to make it all stop on IMVU.

Would you consider it harassment or bullying when they call me a ****, slut, ****, ****, ****, Bible thumper, Bible basher, Jesus's **** and Jesus's slut? They don't get banned for saying those things in chatrooms, but you banned me for posting about IMVU users.

Then you banned me for repeating that in Xtreme DJ's Club chatroom because I say they called me a c, w, s, b, Bible basher, Bible thumper, Jesus's sand Jesus's c. You banned me for saying this in the chatroom, "They threatened to burn me alive, they threatened to burn my parents alive, they threatened to burn my house down, they threatened to burn my church down, they threatened to crush my teeth, they threatened to **** me and they threatened to finger me."

Tell me how they don't get banned for saying those things in chatrooms.  It is completely wrong.  You banned me because you want to make me shut me up.  I know who is banning me.  I will save this message. Then I will send this message to IMVU Help Center. They have finally stopped saying these things because they know I contacted ShannonMac. I will fax this message to IMVU. Then I will send this in a letter to IMVU.

This is harassment. Then it is bullying. This is stalking. Then it is name calling. Calling people names is bullying. Then calling people names could be considered harassment. Threatening people is called bullying. I know threatening people is consider harassment. You are against harassment, but you don't banned them for harassing me. Then you are against stalking, but you don't banned them for stalking me.

You never said anything against bullying, but bullying is bad. Tell me why I want to get on IMVU after all this. You don't know how to answer me.

I don't care, but I will continue to get on there to post my Bible verses. Bullying is a felony or misdeamnor. Stalking is a felony or misdeamnor. Harassment is a misdeamnor. I am tired of the drama. I don't know what else to say. I have been contacting the Sheriff's Department. The Sheriff's Department knows to contact privacy@imvu.com, so we are good. They know the address to IMVU. I know they got your phone number.

It is about time for it to be done with. They have been harassing people in Xtreme DJ's Club for eleven years. Then they have been stalking people for eleven years in Xtreme DJ's Club chatroom. They have been bullying people in Xtreme DJ's Club chatroom for eleven years. [name redacted] was sexually harassing women for eleven years on IMVU. He told them that he is going to spank them in messages.

Then he said, "He was going to hold their hands in a message." He spanked them in messages. Women told me they felt uncomfortable with [name redacted] because the things he said to them. Then [name redacted] made me feel uncomfortable. He was telling me how he was going to have **** with me. Then we met up then he **** me. I ended it with him because he was getting his **** to close to me then I started shaking then crying then told him, "No," then he stopped. After I broke up with him then he threatened to beat me up on Discord.

I am glad [name redacted]'s account got disabled. He was threatening other women because they refused to have **** with him. The police knew about him because I emailed them then I called them too. They checked it out. He was following bisexual women in chatrooms then sexually assaulting them. The policeman in his town told me to get a protection from stalking order on him. I know where [name redacted] lives because I spent two weekends in a row with him. He was trying to **** me, so I left him alone. I am glad he knows nothing about me. You know I am telling you the truth because I flagged what they have said to me.

Atleast this time I did not get banned for my posts. I don't know what else to say. They told me to go have **** with Jesus. Then they told me to give Jesus a blow job. There is something wrong with these people. Their accounts need to be disabled not banned because they have continued to act like this towards other people on IMVU. [name redacted] is [name redacted].

I am not getting banned for my Bible verses. Posting Bible verses is a freedom of speech. If I offend people with my Bible verses then they should block me. They make fun of me for contacting IMVU Help Center. Some of them stopped talking to me after they found out I contact IMVU Help Center.

You should stop all this before this gets to bad. They are going to continue this behavior until you stop them. I know they think it is funny that they are getting away with this. Do you think they should be banned for saying, "They are going to **** me, assault me, finger me, burn me alive, burn my parents alive, burn my house down, burn my church down, they are going to crush my teeth in and they are going to beat me up?"

Tell me when you are going to stop them. I will copy this message then send it to people because they need to know.

[EDIT] fixed wall of text, redacted names. Kat

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Hi MissyKitty.

Not really sure KatsBits is the place for this but it can stay because it covers an important topic, IMVU's obligations with respect to cyber bullying. Unfortunately as we know, the tools IMVU provides for individuals to deal with these sorts of issues are woefully inadequate, and instead rely on IMVU's intervention via a Customer Support team instead of empowering the user. Unfortunately this means their response is nearly always too heavy-handed, and all often leaves the offender free to go about their business whilst penalizing their targets.

So whilst recognising the problem, and the issues raised specifically, there's not really much KatsBits can do to remedy the problem beyond advocating the protocol outlined in our "Stop Bullying, Abuse & Harassment online (stop, report, pevent)" post (which includes doing what you've already done).

With that said, this topic is something that's brought up when opportunity presents itself.
  • Users need to be able to properly and extensively block other Users - this should include their being unable to see profile data when logged out (profiles should be private, friends only, etc.).
  • User need to be able to report profiles for 'abuse, harassment or bullying' in addition to the existing 'profile pic' and other reasons provided and laid out in the ToS (abuse, harassment and bullying are defined in the ToS but not properly enforced).
  • Users need to be able to block chat message and accompanying profiles and avatars in chat - if person is blocked they cannot see the avatar or interact with it in any way.
  • Users that are blocked elsewhere on site, e.g. Direct Message, should not be able to interact or chat with the blocking avatar in any way, in any other part of the site, e.g. Feed.
  • User should have a 'bad word' filter they can manage for chat and other written communications.
  • IMVU should state clearly the reasons for a ban rather than boilerplate responses by Customer Services.
  • Users should have a way to properly and judiciously appeal bans.
  • et al.