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Carrier Services is having trouble with Google Play Services

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There's a persistent synchronisation error on Android devices (Android Pie [9] in particular) that prevents, interrupts or interferes with applications or services ability to automatically or self update; email apps (Outlook, Gmail, Blackberry Hub+ Inbox etc.), calendar apps, tasks etc. and other scheduled or time sensitive apps seem to be particularly affected. The error seems especially prevalent with POP (POP3) services associated with privately held domain names (non Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc. email).

Google Play Services
Carrier Services is having trouble with Google Play Services...

It seems that disabling access permissions for any item under Google Play services, specifically those relating to Carrier Services component, interferes with dependent apps ability to properly function. However, although further error states;

This app won't work properly unless you allow Google Plage services' request to access the follow:
● [disabled items list
● Body sensors
● Camera
● Location
● etc.]
To continue, open Settings, then Permissions, and allow all listed items.
Unfortunately even with all items enabled as requested (which may cause privacy concerns), the error still occurs intermittently suggesting there may be issues with various apps and services connecting and/or using Android 9 rather than there necessarily being an access or permissions issue.

The upshot: there doesn't appear to be a single fix for the email synchronisation issue, which may require Carrier services options and/or Account Sync to be enabled/disabled occasionally to kick the system into action.