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[Blender] Everything Rendered Grey

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Important: as of Blender 2.91.2 this issue appears to be fixed.
As of Blender 2.91.2 the 'everything is rendered grey' error appears to be fixed for all Viewport Shading modes when using Eevee engine so the High Quality Normals setting may no longer need to be activated in Render Properties (under Performance) as described in the video and below.

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Under certain circumstances Blender renders the contents of the 3D View as undefined grey masses in Wireframe, Material Preview and Rendered modes of Eevee and Wireframe and Material Preview of Cycles. Solid mode is unaffected in both engines. The problem relates specifically to AMD graphics hardware such that objects and materials appear grey/gray with no wireframe outline rendered where enabled. This problem is not related to broken or incorrectly formatted material trees or other 'user' errors. Affects most versions of Blender 2.80 onward (Blender 2.8+).

- meshes (where UV mapped and assigned materials) appear flat 'unlit' grey/gray.
- material Preview aperture appears black.
- wireframe outline not visible (object outline is).
- Solid viewport mode (Eevee & Cycles) renders correctly.
- Cycles Rendered mode appears correct.

This applies to Eevee ONLY. Enable High Quality Normals.