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[IMVU] How to make chain links (jewellery/jewelry)

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Chains and other jewellery/jewelry items that make heavy use of duplication often result in FBX/XMF files that are too big to import into IMVU because they include too much structural details - meshes are too 'dense'. If chains are to have individual links modelled it is best to keep detail as low as possible so they describe the outline or profile of a link. Shown above are two ways individual chain links can be easily made from a Plain (Add » Mesh » Plain) in Blender 2.8+ that keeps the number of faces to a minimum (subject to chain length and complexity).

- Source attached below.

- Video 1 (top) Making a standard chain link.
- Video 2 (bottom) Making a 'CC' special chain link.

Additional Resources
- Alternative way to make 'chains'.