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Import BVH Files for IMVU

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How can i add BVH File to the IMVU skeleton?

[Edit] changed the title to be a bit clearer. kat

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Not really looked at these in a while but it should be possible to just import a *.bvh and associate it with the avatar Armature - this will be done directly by setting the Armature object during import, or selecting it after the fact as would normally be done once the pose data has been imported. There may be a bit of cleanup work required though as they are notoriously messy files.

[EDIT] taking a closer look at this it doesn't look as though it possible without a lot of work because Blender imports raw coordinate data matched to a custom Armature that's organised in a different way to IMVU's - bones don't expressly follow IMVU's skeletal set up so would need to be repositioned and/or changed to match, and in doing so that will likely break the sequences and distort the animation because the coordinate data no longer matches individual bones location, rotation & scale.

The alternative to using raw BVH coordinate data would be to import converted FBX files (BVH data exported to FBX). Even then however you still have the same fundamental issues to contend with, bone names and their respective positions in an Armature.

IMVU skeleton on the left (Blender 2.8 alternative pose file), BVH imported skeleton on the right - bone names and absolute location, rotation and scale coordinate differ.