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Missing Action in Dope Sheet Editor

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Why won't my f-ing armature show up in the dopesheets????!!??

Been playing around with this problem all day now....never had it before.....
Imported this file multiple times from 249 into 257.
Suzi's armature will NOT show up in the dopesheets so I can do an f-curve burn on it.


Snapshot 725 by osukent302, on Flickr

[EDIT] change title to be more descriptive of the problem and corrected image link. kat.

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Mouse over the Dope Sheet and press "Home" to see if that resets the view - sometimes the Editor can be zoomed making it appear as though nothing is present (although bone or control channels should still be shown). Otherwise it might just be that an appropriate Action hasn't been created yet as it is possible to create/edit/generate animations without Actions being duplicated for the Dope Sheet and/or Action Editor.

As an aside, when using flickr as an image host, select the BBCode 'share' option, those short codes don't work as they link to the page hosting the image rather than the image itself.