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SCAM WARNING - Bitcoin Sextortion & Blackmail Scams

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Bitcoin Sextortion scams and blackmail

The following bitcoin addresses (cf. below) are linked to an increasing number of 'sextortion' scams, essentially electronic or online blackmail that purports to be from someone, typically claiming to have hacked the recipients email address to send an often self-addressed 'spoofed' message, with threats that various **** have been hacked and malware placed to hijack the users webcam to record compromising videos, the threat then being the captured materials release to the public if payment is not sent to a bitcoin address included in the message, amounts often in excess of $1000's of dollars (USD).
It's important to note sextortion scammers acquire target addresses not from compromised websites as suggested by the scammer, but from lists of breached email accounts available online - breaches of gaming sites that end up being sold online for example, which is why it's always a good idea to change passwords when notified of such events.

Typical sextortion email - message body may be text, an image or combination (the latter making it additionally annoying to type the bitcoin address accurately), with poor grammar, spelling and punctuation. Unlike other sextortion or money scams, Western Union money grams for example, the anonymous nature of bitcoin makes these scams particularly troublesome due to the difficulty in tracking down the scammers - at present the only effective means to combat these scams is to shine a light on the addresses being used, even then there are always exchanges willing to process funds sent to them regardless (see below for more resources/info).

I'm a programmer who cracked your email account and device about half year ago. You entered a password on one of the insecure site you visited, and I catched it. Your password from {users email address} on moment of crack: {password or other PII} Of course you can will change your password, or already made it. But it doesn't matter, my rat software update it every time. Please don't try to contact me or find me, it is impossible, since I sent you an email from your email account.
Through your e-mail, I uploaded malicious code to your Operation System. I saved all of your contacts with friends, colleagues, relatives and a complete history of visits to the Internet resources. Also I installed a rat software on your device and long tome spying for you.
You are not my only victim, I usually lock devices and ask for a ransom. But I was struck by the sites of intimate content that you very often visit. I am in shock of your reach fantasies! Wow! I've never seen anything like this! I did not even know that SUCH content could be so exciting! So, when you had fun on intime sites (you know what I mean!) I made screenshot with using my program from your camera of yours device. After that, I jointed them to the content of the currently viewed site. Will be funny when I send these photos to your contacts! And if your relatives see it? BUT I'm sure you don't want it. I definitely would not want to ... I will not do this if you pay me a little amount. I think {amount USD} is a nice price for it!

I accept only Bitcoins. My BTC wallet: {bitcoin address}
If you have difficulty with this - Ask Google "how to make a payment on a bitcoin wallet". It's easy. After receiving the above amount, all your data will be immediately removed automatically. My virus will also will be destroy itself from your operating system. My Trojan have auto alert, after this email is looked, I will be know it!

You have 2 days (48 hours) for make a payment. If this does not happen - all your contacts will get crazy shots with your dirty life! And so that you do not obstruct me, your device will be locked (also after 48 hours) Do not take this frivolously! This is the last warning! Various security services or antiviruses won't help you for sure (I have already collected all your data). Here are the recommendations of a professional: Antiviruses do not help against modern malicious code. Just do not enter your passwords on unsafe sites!

I hope you will be prudent. Bye.

Bitcoin Scam Addresses/ID's
(see below posts for more bitcoin addresses)

  • 17XansAD9geWqX31sP7a8A3DmoVseVikyt
  • 12PbXS2eR22tAXeCAPJa2RbPoHq33ZXycn
  • 16MCEmoXrJdevMHRAnj2RTUMoT45i3BoTw
  • bc1qmqs2lavzy9k8ulcdgkrjj2njpcl62vksuhsytt
  • 13RuNi9xhDN5ngYy251h4WFDYoE3VA4kPJ
  • 17aB5wwDJ6EGdzzMgp3Y5deKCrqe7ga3qR
  • bc1q549rwxx67lhhhfn4y9073t4pyah539pw09cf9a
  • 1FADcN5uSxtzV4E3zGCfQ4f3XzgxEPzT3M
  • 1C2g3BixavU7Vupm1Atka6qErPZkhS18TY
  • 1Pd7qACCUtM1zVXixbyxuJCXmDi4D1qMjn
  • 1E3mVbLSLLUgdmrp8GV5RRu1Qz5FkWs4rJ
  • 1FXXt4n3GnZKGJeK4LkHmZdKxwpgMwS67e
  • 1A28fiWUfQnqEMqoDmMf7KZcjSDY7mEjfs
  • 1Abx3eY5pHFE1aC4AJLdU91qhHS5rzqP4E
  • 3H9Be5foif5NkUEQwGP5Yo3dxgEoMN9XDY
  • 34mhcVGgZo6mqH6aMXa5ZDEZmxE2JRfMsg
  • 13BfNz9CsS9YHDs2UeDkH6m7rZDM4Xo81u
  • 12mwSFYDyCWta8uMNxq52mENdi3nkjQGa5
  • 12iPLbH9BGsBkbJvoy2iULyLYiawxZreT4
  • 1PzZ3jX1zrGov2qyrMB8x3fKCrfxvTU2Tx
  • 1JEvR3g6o6AbBZLWm9bvdVyeWk3yC8Rs8w
  • 1DYfqwqz7Tq93Fau61YFXBAoogQv56FvJz
  • 1LbbzFmNMMFMwsketCSzxAur6yinXBSiQQ
  • bc1qufltvvk9y59zc7eyhq9608tk08ze3e0rft39av
  • 185kB82fakN7BCDpcS9tfzbDc8uytm5Wo
  • 13XbYjAxrgSwsvMM4hXQpdwEqQTA5vbvnE
  • bc1qq85lm69h3z6wuatrtgzmzakzz2cdv6s3prxurr
  • bc1qagz7afujdtmuf06y6tk39t8cw7vlnptrxu2fre
  • 1GXQym1cfFhHBFbqqZGp2tTQkAfU9yBS1w
  • 19gjxoZ2x8xzNC18FYtLxCL3FWRi15cP39
  • 16RrKqp6gvepFSBMTcoVzdJZ1NSbA7PjZA
  • 1ELed4R6FhJEL5pQQzP6PM9wFQbvHjuZng
  • 1BqMb5HKDj5xaTR65Psx1pfaDfzqWKPE65
  • bc1qg2yj3uu33wum9valr5l00xgmxrp2s838l4wy9w
  • 16wrVfSkDkSNs7ZBSojJ741GMBP9Ee3Mhm
  • 1EV3qSyz4XKoZAWvB1eVSYqHyqCNRdv9i7
  • 15PjLxvFvVuUASkWLTReBDf1SAnGboiE3Q
  • 17uRSEYKbco6kMrEc5aVCsCPAsFTVRPtsd
  • 1MvogqA76t4o8Cya83SbPCGn52VRJsbiUV
  • 1EfCwNrGgGbNAn4bKUX7XydSzFu4RHheC4
  • 15J3ZhZ6q6n2146Gdk5ncjqWaN84rNtvMd
  • 19U1xBf2UZeLfPkVh1Gu3WGHheYCzjsVxs
  • 1GmtfRMFdctbJmhNZMgNNEeB7x1L8oKido
  • 16cX1KRRPc56LuZrWFJPXLLvrr8m4DVPrS
  • 1N1AvndRxpo3dfKwaMTDmiy1Uaers6hZJk
  • 1L1VmEatFZZSdU2DYD3JnS9RtpzXdPGmLZ
  • 1HTAhiza95JocaB3ZtXrv5qmGPkjpBECNa
To this point (Oct 23) the bitcoin addresses listed below have scammed victims of approximately $95,000 USD.
  • 32j388V1d3Na9QBJfSqLVd3pxAwDUj87dL
  • 3PLP6QMmqE7ixFSqBydDRnevGXQFjgCucb
  • 3Hew7jNoAtrGQTNFX2pmgovEYDGDfFhB5S
  • 1P28gw81epAv9RfjhaJikNjukboCrj8Lvn
  • 1AXBHuEiGvryS2HkM2tSPFnDDqt92sC8DM
  • 1Fgiv3CQ15pkaMG4BzNzNiZGjy5NxaiLt5
  • 1DvEgCFc6MHsbajRvkctjUPAPtn51b6DcN
  • 1JSYZui6naWDUuqRjih9vZgetbkqWY4cTq
  • 1CK41adce6KuM3UM2eySnzUyR9SAJnf4wu
  • 1E4Ek9N68mogRZq9x4hiRQ4W2k3iiDehYk
  • 15L57f8G22cPmDtq2devcQw6J4SbC8EX8b
  • 17nwWzU9WA9tmRrQLaJqHRszzjLt2xMgmG
  • 1FRoqN2qUEqNKM7e2xwNd9yoGxx5LSaeao
  • 1HbJxyHEKTKVzgp9rb7r7KVZLBoUp6qErH
  • 1QDgvdFPUvUdUMXYMm6eZg55cicyfYrmGs
  • 1Mo73pEdA2B7xHefJa8j15cLZXMV9WbubW
  • 1qiua14J2UveEWHKSrytrnVC6QNAomv5Y
  • 1J7RYCYp8D7zYoAAR4HQDXujaRU6D9tDbf
  • 1Hx9GJEHfA8BUh9MczmmyxXhX9gtpzfvQ4
  • 1LzggssAAtthNh2bvUkbe6ADN5EJk8i1sd
  • 18z7GJZjP2eAK4M2DvmzsEAYFFndnBEi7o
  • 1GzNpKDWNuvQXuRWdK1RdDgX9YEizwynPQ
  • 1HBiRxpSxekVND1Rqwqh1gbUKeZiYBsDkt
  • 1LhnqVQB4GPKSLEctTma3gdkYRQefJv5eB
  • 1G8U8mNRBkBPmMrHZ3MMZnM1dH5bLKhLhp
  • 15wQk4AHFCtWGyAzjsG9c947prqdeR2tGb
  • 1DzWf1Y9nDKPgmc2em37KRjYePPmWggRce
  • 1N4Foo1dbRJ26GBy6SpbjhpxYHuHtdcitw
  • 13HA6EVfvTPidW3xv5Tp88WRvH96QtB3XV
  • 14UTJBbtUsKxPtkf8WvGwWBpB4D6MmGqAk
  • 1Nx353jT8zZYaqmoMdMr2PRtdixStrDoZE
  • 16pKS1TeH4xHqqBiUz3BtvgfgkHQrAH2yC
  • 13g3WtdxuoB9AVyy54QW9xxbDtFjE2iNHk
  • 14UTJBbtUsKxPtkf8WvGwWBpB4D6MmGqAk
  • 1Nx353jT8zZYaqmoMdMr2PRtdixStrDoZE
  • 17HVBHWtzmewGsiqjugbajvDhDgpvZ4T3m
  • 1FDynarknwUQ2iSD3BmF8HSBjTeQHWKKai
  • 1GS1SRz3QBC1NUeuhu8EWkx37qQXanUxGG
  • 1McWWFd3eYwvm7v2Rj2jMmDZGFWyFRjZ4P
  • bc1qqsm0xsdr40awd5hyp5ncm95fyshtpvt9zqnxc9
  • 15NCWERN56DQNf4WiPLR2txgiEF2np5Q2g
  • 19eXNvqfdK7w8NVX1Db5o6GBYR1tcpWTKv
  • 1BtfPsKpk13fReZsTkVotBffkS63eN6L8p
  • 1CNEPy79uNLJ9o6DQXD44CsHjGDgpCbTL2
  • 17WhVHdWCW3yNNAo4LXsPRpTCnhN8wVtG8
  • 1GnGGkm4kRjhU71mZSUCEkkQFNbCpGAneG
  • bc1qgnl94qvlfeyd39xfydcgh8lwrrmarves2c83l5
  • bc1qv0anh9jxck5vvc3uk9pv6z5kq95rx7gnsny3vm
  • 13yQcMFQSf7ixzJrNceCDL4E1jVHEVqrcY
  • bc1qujdfkefrs0p8423uns7qercgqk6ys5pp8eym5r
  • bc1qvumapzgx0adq9qphwlawhyuftxmecxdmxj8lsz
  • bc1qvz5hn4ylpktu2k5kt8cn3nyx6nnhzslh9lqx2c

What to do if scammed by bitcoin fraud
The following resources can be used, depending on location and jurisdiction, to report sextortion bitcoin scams;
  • https://www.bitcoinabuse.com/ - database that keeps track of user submitted bitcoin scams, search for and report bitcoin abuse including sextortion emails (be sure to clear personal information when submitting a report).
  • https://haveibeenpwned.com/ - database that keeps track of compromised account data, usually in the form of drops from breached websites.
  • Report the scheme to the local authorities, Action Fraud (https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report-phishing) in the UK for example - availability may vary (optional).
  • Depending on mail client Header information may be available that can be used to report abuse to mail provider (optional).

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The below list of bitcoin address have been able to scam their victims of approximately $834,000 USD since 2018 when the first item was included here.

While this is the case, and to be clear, a majority of address (approx. 2/3rds) scammed nothing and had no transaction history. Of the remaining 1/3rd, approximately 2/3rds of those scammed less than $10,000 USD, the remaining 1/3rd scamming $10,000 and above. Less-than half-a-dozen or so that managed to gain traction (for whatever reason) successfully scammed $100,000+ from victims.

When asking "why" the scam persists? Because of the numerical probability of scamming 5 ($00,000) or 6 ($000,000) figure amounts that can be quickly cleared from an account and cashed out.

Additional Bitcoin Scam Addresses
  • bc1q75p32fvf603grheeeawdl3skz2m6lhpfz9xk3r
  • bc1qdnjffh9tpmphuex2pknqg3yeq4g0xvfm2ag53w
  • 1ChY91KYRAabrs9635MPYR3ArByVJTSTdo
  • 1LqSNBE9rcvypxXF8fiBE88YenJsRfvsEZ
  • 1MSafx9aRzRybiqgGJnH1Ah4EJz5usuSxy
  • 12aJgkbT9ozAZnVwiKDg76FNpS6FcCeVvS
  • 1MQj3FSm2kcentMBiDfNZjAMP4VYfQRriC
  • 1DxrzqzwqDBw1jcHUZv1Qb9eFFfYzdiXCY
  • bc1qac4ju5knvqu26tx0lpajhv6swrz5xdy6q4yu7t
  • 18JafCUSR3JWJuxbSH9Wp4AUizzTwkZz9D
  • 1Lt2Ns6FEPTPHA6pENS1Rhym1KAt43FFUp
  • 1P46q6VQNgBjZRWrcgQdaZHB4BHrjxBzcB
  • 18cZdbWnhjRcUPGZgjRgsXFzLDwYHX7EuA
  • bc1q549rwxx67lhhhfn4y9073t4pyah539pw09cf9a
  • 14YLQA98RNJX22W2Prmc7PRQNf6QQf1B1D
  • 1KRBGGiiVLq5zNkBtp5LYnKWtD3tSKdMSJ
  • bc1qnuks0l6sulm5dek8n0g32n49t3pcfajyml926r
  • 1PNWAfqoNQhTR2jCpcSPL6P5XrCxCofqB3
  • 1A9A9LAoMRUu9xBMYWgutcKVWiciuWkw6Z
  • 1MRUpyvGTeJ1pyhmWFLvspjc1AHwKRbrxR
  • bc1qgc7epqfh755j33pudjckx399st8vk8dnksq2d2
  • 19AEV6b6SMVTByErnpaQUDCUWK5cN8gYqh
  • 1Esuu72EhuPPLcKBvbNjGNnrP23dnWh3tF
  • 1M6WbcKrAu3WtyTSUz1hk4eaHRD3oUNKtp
  • 12nEVuGNtRFMVjeVmLtD4nt2sHX68S47yH
  • bc1qwunkmvszkl4jm73n0t9xf0hs6h5yphl354tn09
  • 1EPeB1Ea1v1XAg7L2yFFuhifFsX1sswDKG
  • 18GaQVHRKASCZu9B9oH1gnHENfSHL352G8
  • 1P9V9BQ83wdEXGm3KmGxXMAdCVeXSd5W3Z
  • bc1qac4ju5knvqu26tx0lpajhv6swrz5xdy6q4yu7t
  • 17vx3UtYCyuginAvHVEGnFFT1fLvKJpqEY
  • bc1qac4ju5knvqu26tx0lpajhv6swrz5xdy6q4yu7t
  • 1Lg7uq1QxncrvMiF6rog2C63QMLi6nAFgE
  • 1Kb1DScy1ZHanxvTD8WK62RTPt6GmynmDn
  • bc1q549rwxx67lhhhfn4y9073t4pyah539pw09cf9a
  • 19yaJM8qhsyXnwoQP7zQbMkqJStoMYxPmE
  • bc1qac4ju5knvqu26tx0lpajhv6swrz5xdy6q4yu7t
  • 1H9neDfDv92GiNfezCqnvzrCqxDg5LaWpx
  • 15WXLWo8mH79dJiUiHJ7UMgrpXD33ky9XU
  • 1P5vLEEuGawo33WLs3pVdxTuyjqt7Ymf9C
  • 1Q3bj3y63wqXPGcsXhiC9N1YbYhF5euBBY
  • 1KuyExEtLfhM1qzzgGLdTKZvquMH6y6Kss
  • 15mSqySLsJ8MZqNQ7RfXiq54HGyt7uh3Cn
  • 17EhWWWdJMnVvgDpN3vHhTgXG19Zx4dKQ7
  • 18bSTrufLfuvHwS7JYuF626MBGULSmxTgR
  • bc1qgc7epqfh755j33pudjckx399st8vk8dnksq2d2
  • 1GwaVJAdZHQEJFdD1tpDw4KvYas1XAJyic
  • 16rGyggURQvJw6RMwigDVzEGjjoCC5fZFP
  • 1AsRkzQSorZAc66fdXof9NHTNJdU4T8nC8
  • bc1qgmm9gj2dvavv5kyq2u2xa6khh2xyrhd3262uyp
  • 1GdVKgGS8iXeSSrynTfHyDugrpchwVDmdZ
  • 1GyYujUxs2eJpECpYu3Ns6F4RvZqsp8NT6
  • 1dEfpd1sjZTCkjhb9DD5gnzMiiQYoXZhE
  • 1FmKjxWybWDuoD17pKvKaVH81gb5HGBpyP
  • 1Jv4gYRkCiDQqBQvdmDW9c2Dqwg1pYfn6y
  • 12nEVuGNtRFMVjeVmLtD4nt2sHX68S47yH
  • bc1qgc7epqfh755j33pudjckx399st8vk8dnksq2d2
  • 35wTvTsP2cwphbQH4uxw4Jm1dS6o1gKRpa
  • 1DxxqP5uWPWsGgfaYwJ47wRYp1NH9tj1G2
  • 3NAsdbK86jHSJGNKicr1GGxspkSEKxxUoU
  • 1Dmh5VKGQcxThNADmmYewCdq3fxKxgkrMr
  • 1LrQJeowKsXbuPSJWVnVqz3Y79EftJSPt7
  • 1BJTJBMtMzXYqZP2egjkMrbPRVbyqsKRtg
  • 12gHyoR78pjHpfueWUYyMudnwNMc6NGEPY
  • 35XYj6AywQ5e8KQTzfVBKzdnJyR6dKCNwy
  • 367ZpPL8MzZ87kbMQVMoUt662RDwUuH7Hq
  • 3CNzUwyRUS7etLPoWk3bEsAS3CKh5bzuFm
  • 3EEQ4EmY2gxy1pV18L2yLJU2wRxMJGgGqf
  • 16trAbrqfAkfpN2zoJ2gQQdsYebkspgHpQ
  • 13jKLyAFhjVRiWyg1TTPVjweFBAyUyBiy8
  • 19hk5wJPDCSV6KexJPbgz28TdECKLnXgFt
  • 1B4h63LjY8ZZBLuk1r5s6HkeVRV5W6uRE2
  • 1CiqhHbPPNKHyX9AiMBFKp6ydxcM5WJyBW
  • 1C2ek9b57xdVY9rPUaUnczxN5vGjVS8EhA
  • 1ND3JTwUaYWhDjTuaAK8idmpmuRQGqAkB1
  • 18YFLJHGufQQukMFRkJJJiz51mp21qN96p
  • 1pSw6eh5GoWtBrETzPbM36DGxc6Tes5Mp
  • 1P3eUgQzL12tDo2oh9csyo7HFxLer8vJsG
  • 1LRzCRoxaQ6AiAR8vEyUody3Aw235JXgRL
  • 1EhjD4hzLpwuHVu52ScHTJASqPdkC6SD4
  • 1EtgSZtpMMY3AEbAoctNYfRYaY3NXrZbAj
  • 1DnDfzKAjTYWcn6nCVfkXLh5RRaGBUZ7nE
  • 1HmvPgkmdkaSr6R1KA31fW8kpw1EvZJo9H
  • 16bHkVFULVmxTGVi2XKpwzkt5KrRnThzPg
  • 1r8KDQsoFUWLdV1D2L1vc66YibNDrrYys
  • 17YJKh4TNBDrgFKfbjbQHCGEmZH8uvFoVp
  • 1LrBGezKti4m2cov7CKuurLnCfQvjp2o1A
  • 1771s891APz1wNKdn5fe3Vknmf5pN18cWu
  • 1mxMw4vzaKZfqXeAqFP2aqB5QmJFRDKZv
  • 1JaSs2bTAYVbj6jaqD5Mjfs8gSLYgvYCrK
  • 1B33LTohL4pWrZsjSpzLYjZ6WorWkwnoGE
  • 1LzA9kzQkGDTYSfbbLE8gK5RAJ5ke32ntC
  • 1GvxuP9puQCMNQvEKuwNrLeGwp9LWV4822
  • 1Bg62SYMjRfcSVaUM9VoAcr8Fy6bX2qQbN
  • 1MW4maqRuqi62YiRNMaBiHT65WJJMEAvQw
  • bc1qgehlvvultu8f0ug29xzh9jwsc4f8gdcmfsfd97
  • 1HPaBSaYhPRJpfpL7rN36fSWmv8YR6pgzs
  • bc1qh6atnurhs33s9x4ytuldq9yzxgyf6xjs4nslr4
  • 1HB6CPkMo43UmZCNR7mmReXqpDNtfEg85L
  • bc1q8xgqedexwya485u4w3cp749fzurcjf2xd2hhz6
  • 12vuAcRSYDWuGHEVNVtQaEjBCBevps3ZcE
  • bc1qq7r88u5qe846v0x95tp9kj6lz5p8nrqav4j3mr
  • 1PQfyHsqnU1mpQHgbgNsbAxDLw5u2mgqgb
  • 1DKFpsoAS5dmKgo9YHygAiRJEJanwZmdWy
  • 1Chh8EcWosTHo7LyVhkoDsyhVBmGDPnqNo
  • bc1qphm3r595pqez0zqz2qyz6mxh724guezrsp72qr
  • 1Chh8EcWosTHo7LyVhkoDsyhVBmGDPnqNo
  • 1E2dQnAdZfo19EuPvSK152TPscXTqxZQ2H
  • 1ArrA3D7zbPnGmNXTiDu829fEwzZKFoXG
  • 14dbcD3gXf5eHkYuA2PYf2nakQ5B7hVqHj
  • 1PUwf7ybLvvKLJ8NpWeaEChz4WFQtnC2Gx
  • 1GkrqGsN3ZpusEqQQqESZ6h2Wxdo6AW8xc
  • bc1qnzc90y3upvdsd7kmn98kl5w8f5hs90ajyvcatw
  • bc1qj2mn7zgmjgv3xtumn2ygnnhvpdfppef3mg03qy
  • bc1qud5hj5wnuzyxwpnar6grc4z500z4kwpsemx833
  • 1B2pH6Q3oakYf6MJvxDasVw5yjNbD4S3yD
  • 15DMMwLTqV4RmYpJZDoNUZvzNikX1m6j4R
  • bc1qv0q5vgax67f0c7muamm07syeurhtz3t2lchgy4
  • 1KD14nfrgjNCd5RYyb7wGKWsHxYG1cn3zK
  • 1KZYRM7FhRBp4uS2ucMtJeFTeZXYsvhVfy
  • 1Q7oKyU8HWEZk2RhP9AapqdnuCy9p3TUAq
  • 1JfnsTBvRQYNvzxYFTQBtEUgojmPy2vd6F
  • 17BSLhc597GybEuZ4DyFpdtceY3Moi3nWo
  • 19Ya5oeV6zqsHa9TSyurpeF1LpYJqm84Yv
  • 1N5J73F3gYPgZ8zkbnUhoryrYjQcqsA7St
  • bc1qxv34ptq9rglp3wd42zdkfjx35dmdrqw36r7w0f
  • 1NYCdN9eBXhT4tPSpu4EhpjC9gHXLzipLL
  • 1DRNo5xnNCHtBfyFapVL8NT1cpsyju7NJ4
  • bc1qhzq0cdac5v8ecuverqctv3lxa04qf0g4jxh24r
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  • 17cPvTgQ4vsG9D6iZqTL3JChjd8ApFYTPA
  • 1BpSdbzRuVp3Pd9zzjwJvsLaTxabgyRoJ6
  • 1B5ic9iQpyafTEfWxHM4Xq6PkzbickrL8g
  • 1D8qdtNLNbvugZyMYUyhzcGiCdFinxHgtH
  • 1FbN9mgTzppSUGRgBs1o7N8FpPQVfoRrKd
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  • 1NToziZKcJfyxHpwkcxbafwghGasme4NUf
  • 1CYj5VELcyQhFMyNSLzqPoU3U3A3rTARn7
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  • 3KQBGwaHjHvAPcrPdC3iz4LBD5cuJZvbRK
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  • 1GmJSYfLTB9depThZW7qjvRGUrJjAPkpAr
  • 1CyGVkWwCQ4gGXahSBhiAH1AgNtz6dMHs1
  • 16g6zfpyyFPYkXGfGnT4goSkLN9tbMjzu
  • 12i8q8K7apATJworX48SqQzNgiVmPpWGpz
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  • 1HK5wyAfwGieF69YYQT75iHzjnJkEVrK2w
  • 15TWfmkMw1eBP8qdczL5MQEorTW4ZmWWae
  • 1VnrARLKAbNcGJeXrs6McH4Js5DWWSbRc
  • 19Q3HZtnznuB5cuWng8cacwqZV13gNpZaN
  • 14JDpPYwZNPbDBGHTfHGuyqB5jADiBcxgK
  • 1HQ7wGdA5G9qUtM8jyDt5obDv1x3vEvjCy
  • 1CRHXc2e4sJ9gKPVsuAMW5iwNfDB5P74WW

Alternative version of the sextortion/ransom note;

I know your pass is: [password]

I infected you with my private malware, (RAT) / (Remote Administration Tool), a few months back when you visited some website where my iframe was placed and since then, I have been observing your actions.
The malware gave me full access and control over your system, meaning, I can see everything on your screen, turn on your camera or microphone and you won't even notice about it.

I have also access to all your contacts, private pictures, videos, everything!
I MADE A VIDEO showing you (through your webcam) STATISFYING YOURSELF!
You got a very good taste! Hahaha...
I can send this video to all your contacts (email, social network) and publish all your private data everywhere!

Only you can prevent me from doing this!

To stop me, transfer exactly [$ramson] with the current bitcoin (BTC) price to my bitcoin address.
I think it's a very good price compared to the damage and hell it can bring into your life!
If you don't know how to get bitcoin, Google - "How to buy Bitcoin".
The wallet you can create here: [bitcoin server URL]

My bitcoin adress is: [bitcoin address]

After receiving the payment, I will delete  the material I got from you, we will forget everything and you can continue living your life in peace like before!
I give you 3 days to get the bitcoins and pay! Since I got access to your account, I know if this email already has been read!
To make sure you read this email, I sent it multiple times!
Don't share this email with anyone, this should stay our little secret!

Offline Asaeis Wi Vio

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I've received pretty much an identical email with the dude/dudette claiming to know my password and have access to my email account. The content of the email is virtually similar to that last message.

Only problem is that the password the assailant professes to know is a really old password which i thankfully don't use anymore.

Offline kat

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Yes, it'll be farmed from an old website that was hacked - check that here - remember all those gaming sites that got hit a few years ago, most of the details they use come from that/those, otherwise it would mean they are hacking very big **** owned by people with Russian names who don't take to kindly to that sort of activity occurring on their property...

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Verbatim [sic] text of the latest bitcoin blackmail message as of Feb 2021;


I have to share bad news with you.
Approximately few months ago I have gained access to your devices, which you use for internet browsing.
After that, I have started tracking your internet activities.

Here is the sequence of events:
Some time ago I have purchased access to email accounts from hackers (nowadays, it is quite simple to purchase such thing online).
Obviously, I have easily managed to log in to your email account ([victims email address]).

One week later, I have already installed Trojan virus to Operating Systems of all the devices that you use to access your email.
In fact, it was not really hard at all (since you were following the links from your inbox emails).
All ingenious is simple. =)

This software provides me with access to all the controllers of your devices (e.g., your microphone, video camera and keyboard).
I have downloaded all your information, data, photos, web browsing history to my servers.
I have access to all your messengers, social networks, emails, chat history and contacts list.
My virus continuously refreshes the signatures (it is driver-based), and hence remains invisible for antivirus software.

Likewise, I guess by now you understand why I have stayed undetected until this letter...

While gathering information about you, I have discovered that you are a big fan of ****.
You really love visiting **** websites and watching exciting videos, while enduring an enormous amount of pleasure.
Well, I have managed to record a number of your dirty scenes and montaged a few videos, which show the way you **** and reach ****.

If you have doubts, I can make a few clicks of my mouse and all your videos will be shared to your friends, colleagues and relatives.
I have also no issue at all to make them available for public access.
I guess, you really don't want that to happen, considering the specificity of the videos you like to watch, (you perfectly know what I mean) it will cause a true catastrophe for you.

Let's settle it this way:
You transfer $[amount] USD to me (in bitcoin equivalent according to the exchange rate at the moment of funds transfer), and once the transfer is received, I will delete all this dirty stuff right away.
After that we will forget about each other. I also promise to deactivate and delete all the harmful software from your devices. Trust me, I keep my word.

This is a fair deal and the price is quite low, considering that I have been checking out your profile and traffic for some time by now.
In case, if you don't know how to purchase and transfer the bitcoins - you can use any modern search engine.

Here is my bitcoin wallet: [bitcoin address]

You have less than 48 hours from the moment you opened this email (precisely 2 days).

Things you need to avoid from doing:
*Do not reply me (I have created this email inside your inbox and generated the return address).
*Do not try to contact police and other security services. In addition, forget about telling this to you friends. If I discover that (as you can see, it is really not so hard, considering that I control all your systems) - your video will be shared to public right away.
*Don't try to find me - it is absolutely pointless. All the cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous.
*Don't try to reinstall the OS on your devices or throw them away. It is pointless as well, since all the videos have already been saved at remote servers.

Things you don't need to worry about:
*That I won't be able to receive your funds transfer.
- Don't worry, I will see it right away, once you complete the transfer, since I continuously track all your activities (my trojan virus has got a remote-control feature, something like TeamViewer).
*That I will share your videos anyway after you complete the funds transfer.
- Trust me, I have no point to continue creating troubles in your life. If I really wanted that, I would do it long time ago!

Everything will be done in a fair manner!

One more thing... Don't get caught in similar kind of situations anymore in future!
My advice - keep changing all your passwords on a frequent basis

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Bitcoin and crypto-currency scammers appear to be hijacking the current Ukraine/Russia conflict by sending out the following message with unattributed (not be affiliated with International Business Settlement or the National Bank of Ukraine, or any other known or official entity, who look to be responsible for brokering support on behalf of Ukraine) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDT (Tether) and Polkadot addresses;

Stand with the people of Ukraine. Now accepting cryptocurrency donations. Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT.

BTC - 357a3Sc2Akf7EkqvP18osJFerwAPjsU4jp

ETH and USDT (ERC-20) - 0x165C0909b0a9F02060b7976BABE4e2faa42CB 35c
TRX and USDT (TRC20) - TYJpBKHzef86fmP8gj98Y7Fwwpz6WZa5Rx

It's an Official Ukraine Government request for help and crypto wallets. You can verify on Google.

The people of Ukraine are grateful for the support and donations from the global crypto community as we protect our freedom. We are now accepting Polkadot and Litecoin donations too:
$DOT: 1x8aa2N2Ar9SQweJv9vsuZn3WYDHu7gMQu1RePj ZuBe33Hv
More cryptocurrencies to be accepted soon. Every bitcoin counts.

Crypto community continue to support Ukraine.
This will certainly contribute to the Ukrainian victory as well as support civil people. We will win — the best people with us.

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New extortion/blackmail scam text targeted at website/business owners.
Your Website Has Been HackedY0ur Site Has Been Hacked
We have hacked your website [DOMAIN] and extracted y0ur databases.
H0w did this happen?
0ur team has found a vulnerability within your site that we were able to exploit. After finding the vulnerability we were able t0 get y0ur database credentials and extract y0ur entire database and move the informati0n t0 an offsh0re server.
What d0es this mean?
We will systematically g0 through a series of steps of totally damaging your reputation. First y0ur database will be leaked 0r sold to the highest bidder which they will use with whatever their intenti0ns are. Next if there are e-mails found they will be e-mailed that their informati0n has been sold or leaked and your site [DOMAIN] was at fault thusly damaging y0ur reputation and having angry customers/associates with whatever angry customers/ass0ciates d0. Lastly any links that y0u have indexed in the search engines will be de-indexed based 0ff 0f blackhat techniques that we used in the past to de-index 0ur targets.
H0w do i stop this?
We are willing t0 refrain fr0m destroying your site's reputati0n f0r a small fee. The current fee is $3000 in bitcoins (.16 BTC).
Please send the bitcoin t0 the following Bitcoin address (Copy and paste as it is case sensitive):
 0nce you have paid we will automatically get informed that it was your payment. Please n0te that you have to make payment within 3 days after opening this e-mail 0r the database leak, e-mails dispatched, and de-index of y0ur site WiLL start!
H0w do i get Bitcoins?
Y0u can easily buy bitcoins via several websites 0r even offline fr0m a Bitcoin-ATM.
What if i don't pay?
if y0u decide n0t to pay, we will start the attack at the indicated date and uphold it until y0u d0, there's no counter measure t0 this, y0u will 0nly end up wasting more money trying to find a solution. We will completely destr0y y0ur reputati0n am0ngst google and y0ur customers.
This is n0t a hoax, do n0t reply to this email, d0n't try t0 reas0n 0r neg0tiate, we will not read any replies. 0nce y0u have paid we will st0p what we were d0ing and y0u will never hear fr0m us again!
Please n0te that Bitcoin is anonym0us and n0 0ne will find 0ut that y0u have c0mplied. Finally don't reply as this email is unmonit0red.

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In pursuit of ever more effective ways to scam people of their money through bitcoin, sexploitation and blackmail scams, enter the unsolicited YOUPORN email that claims to draw the recipients attention to the upload of "sexually explicit content" 'someone' posted to YouPorn, a platform that obviously exists for exactly that.

The scam takes advantage of adult platforms like YouPorn having liability policies concerning 'revenge' materials and other 'unauthorised' content being uploaded to their sites without the participants/copyright holders permissions, that require uploaders confirm, or be contacted to confirm, the legitimacy of an upload.

For the scam to work it obviously relies of the fact the reader will jump to a conclusion without reading too deeply and/or realising the sexploitation that's at work; "Who could have recorded a video of me doing 'X'" and/or "who could have uploaded a video of me doing 'X'", and then act impulsively to seemingly fix the problem by sending in bitcoin to the address listed, never to be returned or refunded (the curse of bitcoin and other digital currencies).

How to determine fake YouPorn sexploitation/blackmail emails;
- Any (pink) highlighted links will be 'null' ('https://' only).
- Emails may not be correct ("This email was sent to [incorrect address]...") - check message recipient and email footer.
- Solicitation of money to remove unauthorised content (illegal for service to do this).

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Another example of a sexploitation scam email;

Hi, today there are sadly some bad news for you.

Your device was infected with my private malware, your browser wasn't updated / patched, in such case it's enough to just visit some website where my iframe is placed to get automatically infected, if you want to find out more, Google: Drive-by exploit.

My malware gave me full access to all your accounts, full control over your device and it also was possible to spy on you over your cam.

If you think this is some bad joke, no, I know your password: 123456a

I collected all your private data and I RECORDED YOU (through your cam) SATISFYING YOURSELF!

After that I removed my malware to not leave any traces and this email was sent from some hacked server.

I can publish the video of you and all your private data on the whole web, social networks, over email and send everything to all your contacts.

But you can stop me and only I can help you out in this situation.

The only way to stop me, is to pay exactly $950 in Bitcoin (BTC).

It's a very good offer, compared to all that horrible **** that will happen if I publish everything.

You can easily buy Bitcoin (BTC) here: paxful.com , coingate.com , coinbase.com , or check for Bitcoin (BTC) ATM near you, or Google for other exchanger.

You can send the Bitcoin (BTC) directly to my wallet, or install the free software: Atomicwallet, or: Exodus wallet, then receive and send to mine.

My Bitcoin (BTC) wallet is: [bitcoin address]

Yes, that's how the wallet / address looks like, copy and paste it, it's (cAsE-sEnSEtiVE).

I give you 2 days time to pay.

After receiving the payment, I will remove everything and you can life your live in peace like before, don't worry, I keep my promise.

Next time make sure that your device got the newsest security updates.

ClientMailID: 1748459

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YouPorn bitcoin sexploitation/blackmail email text;

Uploaded content: Feedback required


Our AI-powered tools have detected that you are featured in sexually explicit content that was uploaded to our platform.

At our company, we take the security and privacy of our users very seriously, and we use advanced technology to help detect and prevent the distribution of non-consensual intimate images and videos.

While our tools are powerful, we also rely on human oversight to ensure that our platform remains safe and secure for everyone.
If you have approved the upload of this content, you do not need to take any further action. The video will be published to our library within the next seven days, and you will have an opportunity to review the content after the grace period has passed.

However, if you did not approve the upload of this content, we kindly ask that you follow the instructions below to take immediate action.

Our platform boasts an extensive network of websites and partners, which means that ensuring the security of our content is a top priority.

To achieve this, all uploaded content is digitally fingerprinted using both the MediaWise{R} service from Vobile{R} and Safeguard, our own proprietary digital fingerprinting software.

This helps to prevent unauthorized distribution of content on our platform.

For our premium users who upload content, we offer monetary incentives. However, in some cases, uploaded content may be put on hold.
If this happens, we can initiate a quick automated removal process, but we would require an incentive refund to do so.

The basic express removal, blocking, and protection against re-uploading of content on our network of 20 websites costs $199 USD.

As a digital company, we take great pride in our integrity and measures, which is why we offer additional options for protecting against unauthorized content uploads 24/7.

We have all our processes automated, including payment processing, for your convenience.

Our Plan A includes everything in the basic removal option, plus digitally fingerprinting of the content and automated removal and protection against re-uploading to our vast network of partner websites (300+) for one year, all for $699 USD.

If you require the best protection available, we recommend our
Plan B, which includes everything in Plan A plus digital protection by MediaWise{R} and Safeguard based on facial recognition data for three years. This ensures that any content with your biometrics will be blocked, and it costs $1399 USD.

Our system takes care of your request automatically and swiftly, so there's no need to contact us.

The payment process is automated through a Bitcoin gateway, and the digital number you receive below is unique to your case and doesn't require any extra confirmation.

[bitcoin address]

To transfer the amount corresponding to your chosen option, copy and paste this identifier into your preferred cryptocurrency wallet.

You can review the content uploaded after the seven-day grace period, either by checking our Youporn.com library or by contacting the member who uploaded the content.

We encourage users who feature in content and wish to prevent its upload to our platform to consider proactively digitally fingerprinting it.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Another way to confirm these are blackmail scams is the number of message that might be received, scammers are opportunistically greedy when it comes to scams, if one finds a target, they'll all jump in on the game, they simply cannot help themselves spam the recipient/target with demands.

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Text of bitcoin sexploitation email scam version #270483

(Email Subject) Subject: Your private information has been stolen because of suspicious events.


Would like to introduce myself - I am a specialized hacker, and have succeeded in hacking your operating system.

At this moment, I have obtained a complete access to account of yours.

On top of that, I was also unnoticeably observing all your activities and spying on you for few past months.

It was possible because your computer was infected with malicious spyware, which infiltrated your computer while you were visiting a website containing adult videos.

Give me a few minutes to clarify how that affects you.

Because of Trojan viruses, I am now able to have an unrestricted access to your computer as well as any other devices owned by you.

In other words, I can see without any restrictions everything in your screen and even activate the camera together with microphone anytime I want, and you won't even know about that.

Moreover, I have complete access to confidential data of yours including emails, chat history etc.

You may be rightfully puzzled how come your antivirus is not able to detect the harmful software of mine.

I don't mind explaining that at all: my malicious software is driver-based; hence it refreshes its signatures every 4 hours, which makes it impossible for your antivirus to identify it.

I have come up with a video exposing the scenes of your passionate **** sessions on the left side, whereas on the right side it shows the dirty videos you were watching during that time. `.`

Trust me, it takes several mouse clicks to distribute this video to your entire email addresses list as well as messenger contacts on your PC or other devices.

Additionally, I can easily share all your emails as well as chat history to public too.

I honestly think you would certainly like to abstain from letting that happen.

There is a solution for you in this case - perform 750 USD transfer in Bitcoin equivalent to Bitcoin account of mine (it is really not difficult to do, and you can find online the step-by-step guide, if you have no idea about it).

My bitcoin account details are below as follows (Bitcoin wallet): [bitcoin address]

Once the aforementioned amount gets transferred to my account, I will straight away erase all those **** videos and vanish from your life completely.

Please, settle this payment within 50 hours (2 days).

A notification will be sent to me right after this email gets opened, which will trigger the countdown.

Believe me, I am very cautious, professional and never fail.

If I get to know about you sharing this message with anyone else, I will right away distribute your private videos to public.

Best of luck!

Offline kat

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Hi there! I am a professional hacker and have successfully managed to hack your operating system. Currently I have gained full access to your account. In addition, I was secretly monitoring all your activities and watching you for several months. The thing is your computer was infected with harmful spyware due to the fact that you had visited a website with **** content previously. ╰-⋃-╯ Let me explain to you what that entails. Thanks to Trojan viruses, I can gain complete access to your computer or any other device that you own. It means that I can see absolutely everything in your screen and switch on the camera as well as microphone at any point of time without your permission. In addition, I can also access and see your confidential information as well as your emails and chat messages. You may be wondering why your antivirus cannot detect my malicious software. Let me break it down for you: I am using harmful software that is driver-based, which refreshes its signatures on 4-hourly basis, hence your antivirus is unable to detect it presence. I have made a video compilation, which shows on the left side the scenes of you happily ****, while on the right side it demonstrates the video you were watching at that moment..ᵔ.ᵔ All I need is just to share this video to all email addresses and messenger contacts of people you are in communication with on your device or PC. Furthermore, I can also make public all your emails and chat history. I believe you would definitely want to avoid this from happening. Here is what you need to do - transfer the Bitcoin equivalent of 1300 USD to my Bitcoin account (that is rather a simple process, which you can check out online in case if you don't know how to do that). Below is my bitcoin account information (Bitcoin wallet): [bitcoin address] Once the required amount is transferred to my account, I will proceed with deleting all those videos and disappear from your life once and for all. Kindly ensure you complete the abovementioned transfer within 50 hours (2 days +). I will receive a notification right after you open this email, hence the countdown will start. Trust me, I am very careful, calculative and never make mistakes. If I discover that you shared this message with others, I will straight away proceed with making your private videos public. Good luck!

Offline kat

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They do waffle on...
Hi there!

Unfortunately, I need to start our conversation with bad news for you.
Around few months back I managed to get full access to all devices of yours, which are used by you on a daily basis to browse internet.
Afterwards, I could initiate monitoring and tracking of all your activities on the internet.

I am proud to share the sequence of how it happened:
In the past I bought from hackers the access to various email accounts (today, that is rather a simple thing to do online).
Clearly, it was not hard at all for me to log in to your email account ([email address]).

A week after that, I had already managed to effortlessly install Trojan virus to Operating Systems of all devices that are currently in your use, and as result gained access to your email.
To be honest, that was not really difficult at all (because you were eagerly opening the links from your inbox emails).
I know, I am a genius. (=

With help of that software, I can gain access to all controllers in your devices (such as video camera, keyboard and microphone).
As result, I downloaded to my remote cloud servers all your personal data, photos and other information including web browsing history.
Likewise, I have complete access to all your social networks, messengers, chat history, emails, as well as contacts list.
My intelligent virus unceasingly refreshes its signatures (due to its driver-based nature), and hereby stays unnoticed by your antivirus software.

Herbey, I believe that now you finally start realizing how I could easily remain unnoticed all this while until this very letter...
While collecting information related to you, I had also unveiled that you are a true fan of **** sites You truly enjoy browsing through adult sites and watching **** vids, while playing your dirty solo games.
Bingo! I also recorded several filthy scenes with you in the main focus and montaged some dirty videos, which demonstrate your passionate **** and **** sessions.

In case you still don't believe me, all I need is just one-two mouse clicks to make all your unmasking videos become available to your friends, colleagues, and even relatives.
Well, if you still doubt me, I can easily make recorded videos of your **** become a public.
I truly believe that you surely would avoid that from happening, taking in consideration the type of the XXX videos you love watching, (you are clearly aware of what I mean) it will result in a huge disaster for you.

Well, there is still a way to settle this tricky situation in a peaceful manner:
You will need to transfer $1450 USD to my account (refer to Bitcoin equivalent based on the exchange rate at the moment transfer), so once funds transfer is complete, I will straight away proceed with deleting all that dirty content from servers once and for all.

Afterwards, you can consider that we never met before. You have my honest word, that all the harmful software will also be deactivated and deleted from all your devices currently in use. Worry not, I keep my promises.
That is truly a win-win solution that comes at a relatively reduced cost, mostly knowing how much effort I spent on monitoring your profile and traffic for a considerably long time.
In event that you have no idea about means of buying and transferring bitcoins - don't hesitate to use any search engine for your assistance (eg., Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

My bitcoin wallet is as follows: [bitcoin address]
An important notice: I have specified my Bitcoin wallet with spaces, hence once you carry out a transfer, please make sure that you key-in my bitcoin address without spaces to be sure that your funds successfully reach my wallet.
I have allocated 48 hours for you to do that, and the timer started right after you opened this very email (2 days to be exact).

Don't even think of doing anything of the following:
! Abstain from attempting to reply me (this email was created by me inside your inbox page and the return address was generated accordingly).
! Abstain from attempting to get in touch with police or any other security services. Moreover, don't even think of sharing this to you friends.
Once I discover this (apparently, that is absolutely easy for me, taking in consideration that I have complete control over all systems you use) - **** video will straight away be made public.
! Don't even think of attempting to find me – that is completely useless. Don't forget that all cryptocurrency transactions remain completely anonymous ! Don't attempt reinstalling the OS on all your devices or getting rid of them. That won't lead you to success either, because I have already saved all videos at my remote servers as a backup.

Things you should not be concerned about:
! That your funds transfer won't reach my wallet.
- Worry not, I can see everything, hence after you finish the transfer, I will get a notification right away (trojan virus of mine uses a remote-control feature, which functions similarly to TeamViewer).
! That I will still distribute your videos although you make the funds transfer.
- My word, I have no intention or interest in continuing making your life troublesome.
Anyway, If I truly wanted that, it would happen long time ago without me notifying you!

Everything can be settled in a peaceful and just way!
And lastly... make sure you don't get caught afterwards in such type of incidents anymore!
My fair advice - ensure you change all your passwords on a regular basis.

Offline kat

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It cannot be emphasised enough that if you received an email like those described above, DO NOT RESPOND, ever, no matter how OUTRAGED you might feel, or how much your think your sensibilities or moral character is being impugned. That you would never do such a filthy thing as it claimed by the demands is completely irrelevant, no matter how OFFENDED, INSULTED, AFFRONTED or PUT OUT you are. The sexploitation blackmail relies on these messages triggering that visceral response.


# # #

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I have very bad news for you. Unfortunately, your private data was compromised.

Your password was compromised through a legitimate website, and that led to events that I will explain to you now.
Using your password, our team gained access to your email. We analyzed all data and after going through found a vector for an attack.
That attack was a success. The result was that your machine was infected with a virus/backdoor. Our team uses individual approach to every victim, our success rate is very high.

We have gained access to the data, but the most interesting part that we are able to control your webcam and microphone.

And you are correct. We have a nice archive with exploding video content.
It's all good, but we are here to make money. So if you don't want those videos to be leaked, please follow the instructions.

You pay $750 USD, and there will be nothing to worry about. No chats, no photos, nothing. Every single file will be deleted and virus removed from your machine

Use Bitcoin to make the transfer. Wallet address is [bitcoin address] , it's unique and we will know that you made the payment immediately.
You have 2 days to make the transfer, that's reasonable.
Take care.