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[IMVU] Make an animated valentines putput motobike

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In this HUUGGEEE 15 hr! collection of videos recorded live on Twitch (may include off-topic chat), jazzKat shows IMVU Creators how Blender 3D can be used to make a heart with handlebars, a 'heartobike' (TM) - pronounced "heart-o-bike". The valentines project starts using the default scene Cube, which is shaped into a heart, and then textured - this includes UV mapping and creating texture maps for others to use as guides for derivable objects.

Using the Furniture Starter File the project is then turned into a furniture item and given a custom pose, created using the Pose Starter File, the two being exported to FBX and then assembled in IMVU.

In the final phase the item is animated, a simple 'skeletal' animation and a more complex 'morph', or 'shapekey' (as they are called in Blender) animation. Here some trouble-shooting is needed to get to the bottom of an issue ... watch the entire series to find out!.

Duration : c. 15:00:00.
Source : n/a.