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Activision game competition (ne "sweepstakes")

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Activision have published details of that competition previously mention and it turns out that yeah, Americans only, thanks; if you're outside the greater 50 (and the District of Columbia) then you're out of luck. So much for a global publishing company. You also have to be over the age of 18 and whilst it's Activision competition, it's being 'administered' by ePrize LLC a marketing agency for the big boys. That should tell you right there exactly why this is being done, it's simply a marketing opportunity for Activision that's a win-win for them (assuming there are entries), presumably to build their reputation in game development circles after their recent history. If you are thinking of entering this it's strongly suggested you read the terms and conditions carefully and thoroughly as it's constructed in such a way as to give Activision all the cards. But, you make your own mind up on that. Here's a quote from the submission form;

In order to be a Finalist, entrant must sign certain Submission documentation provided by Sponsor, which may include some or all of the following: release of claims against Sponsor; acknowledgement of Sponsor's development of game concepts that may be similar to entrant's Submission; first right of refusal to Sponsor for any development or publishing of Submission; agreement to provide Sponsor with splash/title/credits and logo credit similar to "funded in part by the Activision Independent Games Competition Prize 2010"; grant of name and likeness publicity rights to Sponsor; and full representations and warranties regarding the IP ownership of the Submission. Each Finalist must verify eligibility upon request by Sponsor.

More details about this can be found on their website - flash doesn't make it easy to read this stuff by the way.

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typical, and those conditions are intended to improve activision's reputation?  ;)