idTech editing hints & tips

Below is a list of essential editing hints and tips for idTech4 powered games (formally known as the 'Doom 3' engine); currently Quake Wars, Quake 4, Prey and Doom 3, but future idTech games may be support. For full list click here ».


June 26, 2015, 05:09:00 PM by kat
The idTech Editing hints and Tips section contains information, hints and tips related to editing idTech4 powered games (formally known as the 'Doom 3' engine); currently Quake Wars, Quake 4, Prey and Doom 3. Whether level editing and designing, building and importing custom models or creating new texture sets for the games listed above, most common topic are covered. May also expand to include idTech 5 powered game in future (Doom 4).

wglmakecurrent: Deleting Config (*.cfg) files

June 25, 2015, 05:08:10 PM by kat
If none of the other methods of fixing Radiants wglMakeCurrent error work - [1], [2] and/or [3] - try the following;
  • Close Quake 4 Radiant if it's open
  • Go to Quake 4's root installation directory; usually similar to [drive://directory]/Quake 4/ (where "[drive://directory]" is the hard drive and folder the game has been installed to)
  • Find "q4base" and open that folder
  • Find "editor.cfg" and "Quake4Config.cfg" and either delete or rename the files
  • Restart Quake 4
Doing this forces Quake 4 to properly update the configuration files (*.cfg) it uses in relation to various 'user' settings and data. On restarting the editor it should now work correctly.

Unable to find default tag file [path]/shadertags.xml. No tag support

June 25, 2015, 05:05:01 PM by kat
GtkRadiant 1.5 has a common problem that's thankfully relatively easy to fix. On starting up the editor a quick look at the console will reveal the following error message in red letters;

Code: [Select]
Unable to find default tag file [drive://directory/path]/shadertags.xml. No tag support
Assuming the error isn't popping up as part of the wglMakeCurrent error, do the following;
  • Go to the"Plugins" menu
  • And select "ShaderPlug Create tag file"
This will create the missing shadertag.xml file in your 'user' folder (C://Users/ for Windows Vista) and tell you to reboot. On doing so the error message will now be gone.

wglMakeCurrent: GtkRadiant 1.5 errors

June 25, 2015, 04:59:10 PM by kat
Read the following as possible causes;
GtkRadiant often has the same problem running on computers with multi-core CPU's that QeRadiant, the version that shipped with Doom 3, Quake 4 and Prey has. If the above don't 'solve' the problem then it will more than likely be a 'true' driver issue, especially so running on Windows Vista, that will need to be addressed directly in the graphics cards settings (or driver updates/rollbacks).

If using GtkRadiant 1.4 on Vista it may be necessary to upgrade to GtkRadiant 1.5 (create an additional installation) if editing any game running idtech 4 (formally the Doom 3 engine).

Export check list for game models

June 25, 2015, 04:55:10 PM by kat
Run through this general list of steps when encountering problems exporting models out from Blender 3D. Bottom line is to do as much of the work prepping the model beforehandrather than relying on the export scripts to do the work because not all of them are set up the same way or will do the same 'autopilot' mesh preparations.
  • Triangulate before export "Ctrl+T" (never rely on script to do that)
  • Material + texture assignment
  • Make sure there's a UVW map
  • Split face/edge for smoothing where necessary "Y"
  • Set POO before export
  • Set rotation/position "Ctrl+A"
  • Apply modifiers before export
  • Select object (if more then one in the scene)
  • Merge objects where necessary "Ctrl+J" (some export formats and scripts can only export 'single' objects - may also effect material assignment)
  • Include collision where necessary [optional
  • Break model up "P" [optional] (some exporters, model formats and/or game engines may have limitations in place)
  • Make sure model is correct size
When exporting try and and use a minimal number of 'filters' as possible, or those that are used try and work out which ones are relative to 'low poly' work, for example when exporting and OBJ file the option to use "High Quality Normals" is usually useful for high polygon meshes used to bake normal maps; usually "Normals" is all that's needed for game content.

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