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Author Topic: PythonPath for Windows 10  (Read 5169 times)

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PythonPath for Windows 10
« on: August 07, 2015, 12:18:14 PM »

With a new operating system comes new system information. PythonPath for Windows has been updated to include PythonPath details for Windows 10. As the OS becomes from "consumer friendly" (read that as "bigger buttons") the 'path' to various system properties become more convoluted, presumably to prevent technically challenged individuals fiddling with their computers. Screenshots included.

Note that for general/normal Blender use setting the PythonPath within Windows-based system isn't usually required for the application to function but may be necessary for custom import/export or other scripts that rely on the full Python API being installed.

(and yes, Blender works with Windows 10)

[Edit to add] Also updated "Scripts/Addons folder location for Windows 10" (no real difference to Windows 8 but addressed nonetheless).


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