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[SOLVED] Script links not working


Hi kat,

The links to download your import/export scripts seem don't seem to be working.  When I click on the Tools tab and select any one of the download buttons on that page, it just redirects me to the homepage without offering me any option to download.

I know the links were working a few weeks ago because I've downloaded one before.  But I also asked a friend to try it a couple days ago and she confirmed it wasn't working for her either, so I suspect it's not just me.  Would you be able to look into fixing this?

Thanks very much,


Hmm [pokes the server & site]... See if you can download the files now. You *may* need to clear your cache.

Well, whatever you did - it worked.  The files are downloadable again. 

Thank you very much!

Woohoo!. Marking this solved.


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