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Animate Shadows?


Is there a way to animate shadows on an object, so they can be played back later?

For instance, if I move an object between a light and a plane source with the shadows and ray tracing on, and it creates a shadow which moves across the surface of that plane, can I "save" the progression of that shadow as it moves across the surface?

I guess I'm asking if I can "bake" an animation of that shadow's movement, so that it can simply be played back without having to re-raytrace compute it again. This way I could just replay the shadow's movement on the plane like a movie, or other anmation, and quickly re-film it on the object from various different camera angles?

Oh, by the way.... for Blender version 2.49b


It really depends on what you're doing it for as you wouldn't generally animate the shadow along a path, that would generally be done having a static shadow (say the outline of a low flying aircraft) mapped to a surface which is then animated as an object, via a path, or as shader/SFX in-game.


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