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Author Topic: Join the IMVU Workshops  (Read 6922 times)

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Join the IMVU Workshops
« on: May 17, 2013, 10:22:22 PM »

To join the IMVU Workshops and Workshop Exercises group, simply log in to your forum "Profile" here on KatsBits (forum user account required), and then on the "Modify Profile > Group Membership" page, click "Request Membership" to the right of the "Workshops: IMVU" membergroup entry. In 'message box' that appears, simply reference your IMVU Avatar name and send (doing this also helps speed the approval process).

Workshops currently available include;
  • Making hair for IMVU
    Learn the basics of making hair for IMVU. Using a 'head template' hair can be built quickly from a simple cube and then exported and assembled in Create Mode (source files available)
    - Duration c.25mins @ 360p
  • Make a simple couch
    Your very first model is a simple single seat couch. Learn the basics of using Blender 3D to 'mesh' the desired shape, then texture, export and assemble for IMVU (source files available).
    - Duration c.45mins @ 360p
  • Bevel, Seams and Vertex Painting
    Using the simple couch made in Workshop 1, learn how to round edges using "bevel", add "Seams" to help with UVW mapping, and then colour tint the mesh using "Vertex Painting" before re-exporting to IMVU (source files available).
    - Duration c.40mins @ 360p
Workshop exercises currently available include;
  • Make a simple animated seesaw (teeter-totter)
    Make a simple seesaw from basic mesh elements and then 'rig' (prepare) the result for a simple 'seesaw' (back-and-forth) cycling animation sequence before exporting the whole lot from Blender and assembly in Create Mode. Also includes how to 'pose-trigger' the animation to play when the avatar sits in a seat! (source files available).
     - Duration c.40mins @ 360p
  • [Coming soon - animation & custom poses]
For more information read the FAQ.


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