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Viewing thumbnail images in Windows 7


It appears that Windows 7 has an even more limited ability to view thumbnail images than Windows Vista. The old (nVidia) DDS and (Thumbplug) TGA plug-ins don't work (even viewing the thumbs for PDF files don't work!). If you're looking for a solution, don't waste time trying the different registry hacks, file associations or what have you as none of them provide a one-stop-fix to the problem (none of the ones I tried worked).

As an alternative solution MediaFile Assistant (mfa101.exe) still works, although it's a bit clunky now (it's not been updated for a whilst).

An alternative solution to Windows 7 inability to see *.tga and *.dds thumbnails in Windows Explorer is to install SageThumbs (current file is "sagethumbs_2.0.0.12_setup.exe"). Using this little Shell extension fixes the issue so thumbs can then be seen once installed. Other formats are available.


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