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Registration is now back online

Due to the massive increase in spam hitting the site and registering accounts new sign-ups have been disabled. Whilst this function is offline you can get in touch by email to have an account manually created for you. Email abuseATkatsbitsDOTcom

ratty redemption:
sorry to hear about that kat, but i do think your being sensible manually setting up new accounts.

Thanks Ratty. New accounts have always been manually checked but this recent spate of spam registrations is using up far too much time to manage, in the past few days the forum has been hit with close to 300 registrations and only two of those pass the grade.

ratty redemption:
your welcome kat, and wow, that's an insane amount, were they all for advertising via your forums?

Pretty much that's all spam accounts are for, linkbacks to other places - it's not always used to sell anything as it's typically just to generate inbound traffic to other sites which is then monetised through things like paid adverts.


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