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Author Topic: [UDK] Generated/Imported vertex count ratio exceeds expected percentage  (Read 9060 times)

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If on importing models, usually ASE meshes, in to UDKs content browser the following error message appears (where "[n]" is a number/value);

"Generated/Imported vertex count ratio ([n]/[n]) exceeds expected percentage ([n] percent vs [n] percent expected)."

It's likely to be the results of one or more of the following;

  • No UVW map present on the mesh

  • No materials

  • Not using a 'closed' mesh

  • Excessive smooth group use

  • More than two UVW maps

Check your mesh and re-export. This error usually occurs as a result of UDK adding more vertices than it 'expected' due to the above (it has to generate more vertices than was originally present).


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