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Author Topic: Terrain & baking Ambient Occlusion maps in Blender (+video)  (Read 4310 times)

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Baking Ambient Occlusion for terrain in Blender 2.49

A short video to accompany the tutorial on baking an Ambient Occlusion map for a 3D terrain model in Blender (2.49 or below).

Checklist: make sure that...
  • The mesh has a Blender material applied
  • That material has a texture slot assigned to it (can be a 'blank' texture)
  • The mesh needs a UVW map (now done in EDIT mode for Blender 2.46) - make sure the UVW map stays within the bounds of the texture space, and for better quality user a large texture image (1024x1024 minimum)
  • In OBJECT mode click on the 'Shading' button ("F5" - first row of buttons), then click the "World Button" (button with a 'globe' on it)
  • Click on and then 'activate' the "Ambient Occlusion" panel settings
  • Using the defaults, mouse over the 3D window and press "Ctrl+Alt+B" to open the render options, select "Ambient Occlusion", click to render
  • Save render from the UVW image window (image is then saved as the active texture images applied to the material slot and the UVW map.


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