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Title: [closed] User Interface Designer
Post by: charly on April 12, 2014, 01:08:04 PM

hi all,

I am a composer and audio software maker and i would offer/ask for a coworker who helps me with a small part of some of my software projects: creating a new, possibly 3d-modelled, user interface. The software will be published and most likely remain free.

If you have own ideas they will be welcome, but in a first step you will just try to build my current vision. The software and its GUI do already exist, but i am not satisfied with it and would like a new one.

You will create a set of...
According to my need.

You will be provided with multilayer photoshop images with example- or placeholder-graphics. You can also get a set of working software parts, so that you can check the current (and future) look and feel of the GUI yourself.

Optionally you are able to teach me how to do it myself in blender, or we build a working set of files ready to create different schemes and flavors of it.

If you are interested pls contact me at politik•laut8leise.de (replace bullet point with @). You don't have to present any examples of your work, but of course you may. I will be happy even with responses from blender beginners, though i somehow think you should be able to work with simple 3d and lightning already, in order to create result better than what i can do with photoshop here. ;)

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