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Title: ERROR: wglMakeCurrent failed.. Error:[n]
Post by: kat on June 26, 2015, 04:32:53 AM
ERROR: wglMakeCurrent failed.. Error:[n] is usually associated with having Anti Aliasing enabled in your graphics card control panel when trying to use the the various flavours of the Radiant editor; QeRadiant, GtkRadiant or Doom 3/Quake 4 Radiant.

The editor is intolerant of Anti Aliasing and will often display various forms of the "wglMakeCurrent failed"; error - giving a 'value' that refers to a specific error code reference (a number that refers to a specific error) - when it's run and finds AA enabled.

How do I fix ERROR: wglMakeCurrent failed.. Error:[value]
Anti Aliasing will need to be disabled via the control panel of your graphics card vendors drivers; there will be a setting somewhere in the control panel that deals specifically with Anti Aliasing settings, make sure they're disabled or set to "Application Decide" or similar - in effect the GXF card is being told to use whatever AA settings it finds when as game is run; uses 'internal' game specific AA settings - or you can append the following to the editor short cut;

Code: [Select]
+r_multiSamples 0
This applies specifically to wglMakeCurrent failed errors produced when running Doom 3 Radiant and Quake 4 Radiant (D3Edit and Q4Edit) and needs to be appended to the editors startup icon as per the "getting the editor to run" tutorial here and here.

If that still doesn't work then remove the two *.cfg files placed the 'base' folder of the game, usually;

Code: [Select]

This is especially so if copying a previous install of Doom 3 or Quake 4 to another location on your system or if you have updated the graphics card, replacing an old with new card.

Other causes of wglMakeCurrent failed errors
Multicore CPUs and their support is also noted to be causing problems in relation to wglMakeCurrent for all versions of the Radiant family; GTK Radiant, QeRadiant and D3/Q4 Radiant. If you find that you're running dual or multi core CPUs and getting the wgl error then you may need to 'limit' your CPUs per application (application dependant). Tomshardware has a useful article and utility that can be used to this effect which 'fixes' the wgl error in relation to Radiant and multicore CPUs.