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Title: Blender Network is live.
Post by: kat on August 07, 2012, 12:33:32 PM
The much lauded Blender Network is now live at blendernetwork.org (http://www.blendernetwork.org/).

(https://www.katsbits.com/images/misc/BlenderNetwerkLogo-380.png) (http://www.blendernetwork.org/)

Primarily aimed at the freelance/educational/corporate marketplace, Blender Network has been set up as a resource for anyone looking to find other Blender specific professional services. Given the sites purpose there is a membership fee - Academic establishments can join at no cost, freelance/professional individuals can join at a cost of 50, with corporates/business membership costing 250. For more information and details head over to blendernetwork.org (http://www.blendernetwork.org/).