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Title: "Texture Face" options now "Game Settings" in Blender 2.6
Post by: kat on November 17, 2011, 05:33:29 PM
The texture transparency tutorial (http://www.katsbits.com/tutorials/blender/blender-2.5-scene-view-alpha-transparency.php) has now been updated with information on where Texture Face settings have been moved and the new replacement "Game Settings" are located (http://www.katsbits.com/tutorials/blender/blender-2.5-scene-view-alpha-transparency.php#gamesettings). So yep, yet another change in Blender 2.60a+/- that slipped right under the radar - a little annoying considering how useful/important the feature set was as Texture Face options allowed per-face/surface properties to be applied to individual elements independently of the Material assignments. That's no longer the case.