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Title: Images, sculpting and making terrain in Blender (2.49)
Post by: kat on July 01, 2010, 08:38:12 PM

Using 'sculpt' to make a terrain in Blender (2.49)

Using Blender 3D's 'sculpt' tool it's easy to produce a terrain with a few simple steps. You need to know your Blender basics for this stuff as the process uses 'core' tools and skills (nothing particularly 'special' is being used in this process).

Loading a height map (gray-scale image) into Blender to use as the basis to make and then sculpt a terrain mesh. The video (no audio) shows the basic process and principles involved in getting better terrain than is normally had relying on just using height-maps alone. This isn't meant to be a finished terrain but instead show a process.