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Title: IMVU Account Login Error (Android)
Post by: kat on May 16, 2019, 02:33:37 AM

Having trouble trying to log in to an IMVU account on the Android version of the IMVU app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imvu.mobilecordova)? Make sure to be using the password and the email submitted during IMVU sign up, exactly as they were typed. Seriously, most log in issue on mobile are a result of users just running their fingers across the on-screen keypad for both, then being totally frustrated as to why they can't log in the next time IMVU app is updated! Which happens quite often by the way, requiring log in, again (IMVU does not store account information like other apps might in Android's Settings » Accounts).
[sic]im so p****d of rn. i cant even login into my [IMVU] account, it says "attempt to many times", when i did enter the right password, i still tried to change my password, the password was changed successfully. trying to login it still shows the same thing. i try contacting customer service, there is no way to reach them not even on the website...

Basically without a VALID EMAIL, one that's immediately ACCESSIBLE, the one used during IMVU sign up, access to the account in question will NOT be possible no matter how much there might be the inclination to complain and write bad reviews in Google Apps store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imvu.mobilecordova)!.

[sic]Ok so I can't log back in to my [IMVU] account [but it] kicks me out and says there is a log in error when there is none. open and closed the app, uninstalled and Re installed the app to no avail. so annoyed...

With the above in mind here's a check-list;

[sic]my very first day I attempted to sign in and its not taking my password, that I know definitely is correct. then I go to the help center there's no chat agent available, I can't ask the community or contact anyone because I have to sign in and it now says too many attemts to then come back? what kind of madness, incomprehensible concept of customer service is this? at this point, my first day, im ready to delete my account as the game is not android mobile friendly at all in addition

When registering an IMVU account;
Title: Re: IMVU Android Login error
Post by: kat on May 16, 2019, 03:57:14 AM
For the technically minded... this persistent login error happens with IMVU because the Android app does not create an account on the Android device (Settings » Accounts) as other apps and games might do.

Instead IMVU mobile essentially stores login details securely in a similar way to browsers securely storing cookies. For the Android app although this has the advantage of wiping old login data for security doing so also has the disadvantage of being cleared every time IMVU mobile is updated, which happens quite frequently to keep current with Androids own update schedule.

Absent the Android app version of IMVU creating an localised device account (Settings » Accounts) that's stored locally, login issues are inevitable.