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KatsBits is ten (and not old enough for Doom!)

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[image courtesy IMVU]
Although 'a' website has been running a lot longer under different names, it is/was (Timezone dependent) 10th birthday today!

How time just speeds on by like a speedy thing speeding... */whoosh!

ratty redemption:
cool. am i correct in remembering it was during rtcw (quake 3 engine) modding we first met?

If (fading) memory serves, yes, with/during(?) Mages Skulls IIRC.

ratty redemption:
yes, i think that was it. was that really 14 years ago? wow.

*/Marvin the Paranoid Android: don't talk to me about "time", I spend all of it making cups of tea and fetching things for everyone! heh


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