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Preserve "brushes" in Blenderlevel editingJames Stortz72194
Preserve "brushes" in Blenderbrush volumesJames Stortz72194
Preserve "brushes" in Blendermap exportJames Stortz72194
[IMVU] Make an animated Robot Turkey character in Blender LIVE!blender4imvukat1112
[IMVU] Make an animated Robot Turkey character in Blender LIVE!animated characterkat1112
[IMVU] Make an animated Robot Turkey character in Blender LIVE!livestreamskat1112
[IMVU] Make an animated Robot Turkey character in Blender LIVE!twitchkat1112
Using Cinema4D for IMVUfbxkat0157
Using Cinema4D for IMVUimvucreatorkat0157
Using Cinema4D for IMVUimvukat0157
Using Cinema4D for IMVUcinema4dkat0157
Social media experiments or curating YOUR likes, subs and followscuratingkat1774
Live Streamslive videokat1592
Live Streamsyoutube livekat1592
Live Streamstwitch livekat1592
Live Streamslive streamskat1592
[IMVU] Lighting problems with hair meshlightingJhaeza1144
URGENT: YouTube policy changesdemonetisationkat7598
URGENT: YouTube policy changescensorshipkat7598
URGENT: YouTube policy changesadpocolypsekat7598

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