How to scatter debris using Particles

May 11, 2017, 09:43:53 PM by kat

How to randomly scatter debris using Particles

Manually adding debris to environments is tedious and time-consuming (although offering better control). Instead debris can be randomly scattered across a given surface automatically or dynamically using Blenders Particle System. Read the in-depth "How to scatter debris using Particles" tutorial to find out.

Bake tiling (tileable) Normal maps in Blender

April 30, 2017, 10:57:28 PM by kat

Bake tiling (tileable) Normal Maps in Blender

Although converting images is a quick way to make normal map texture assets its best to use models where possible, especially for organic surfaces. Read the "Bake Tiling Normal Maps from Meshes" tutorials to learn about how to bake tiling (tileable) Normals maps in Blender using Blender Render (Blender Internal) and Cycles Render, and what to look out for.

Additional Reading
Baking Normal maps from Meshes
- Blender Render: Bake Normal Maps from meshes
- Cycles Render: Bake Normal Maps from meshes
- Blender Render: Bake Tiling (tileable) Normal maps from meshes
- - Advanced Options (includes Cycles Render)
- Blender Render: Texture Bake Normal Maps from High-poly meshes in Blender 2.49
- - Additional Options

Making normal maps from images
- How NOT to make normal maps from photos or images
- Making normal maps from photographs
- Manually Enhancing Normal maps generated from images or photographs
- Make a girder Truss support Normal map from an image

KatsBits is ten (and not old enough for Doom!)

February 28, 2017, 10:22:16 PM by kat

[image courtesy IMVU]

Although 'a' website has been running a lot longer under different names, it is/was (Timezone dependent) 10th birthday today!

How time just speeds on by like a speedy thing speeding... */whoosh!
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