Stone wall (*.tga)

Texture pack Details

  • author - ken 'kat' beyer

  • rel' date - Aug 05

  • name - Stonewall

  • pk3 file - tex-kt_stonewall.pk3

  • contents - 8 files (*.tga format)

  • info - Misc stonewall textures of 'the olde worlde' type (not the usual 'big block' stonework of Quake 3). Has a sense of 'realism' so can be used for any game that supports the TGA image format. (ivy courtesy of sock).

    256 x 1024

    • wall_1024_ivy_05

    • wall_1024_tex1_05

    512 x 512

    • wall_1024_05

    • wall_512_1_05

    • wall_512_2_05

    • wall_512_3_05

    • wall_512_4_05

    • wall_512_5_05

    Due to assets now being used in none Quake 3 engined games, the files provided on this page are packed into a zip file 'unpathed'. They will need extracting to the appropriate assets directory, i.e.

    • textures/[your map or project folder]/
    • textures/kt_stonewall/
    • models/mapobjects/[your project folder]/

Download Locations

texture wall_1024_ivy_05
texture wall_1024_tex1_05
texture wall_1024_05
texture wall_512_1_05
texture wall_512_2_05
texture wall_512_3_05
texture wall_512_4_05
texture wall_512_5_05

Misc. stone wall textures