Rock 3a (*.tga)

Texture pack Details

  • author - ken 'kat' beyer

  • rel' date - n/a

  • name - Rock 3a

  • pk3 file - tex-kt_rock3_a.pk3

  • contents - 5 files (*.tga format)

  • info - Several versions (variations) of the same 'base' texture.

    Textures are all 512x512 in *.TGA format. No shader file provided so one will need to be written/created for use where necessary. For non-commercial use, see README for further details.

    • stone3

    • stone3_2

    • stone3_b

    • stone3_c

    • stone_c2

Download Locations

zip file [c.3.5 MB]

Texture set rock 3a

Texture set rock 3a