Rock 2 (*.tga)

Texture pack Details

  • author - ken 'kat' beyer

  • rel' date - n/a

  • name - Rock 2

  • pk3 file - tex-kt_rock_II.pk3

  • contents - 12 files (*.tga format)

  • info - Originally made for use in Quake 3, but can be used in any game or environment that support the TGA image format. Alpha-channels available where indicated. Each texture is 256x512 (width x height), can be used on its own or layered in a photo-editor for effect or detail. Flat rock textures : tileable. Note: for non-commercial use only, see README for more details.

    From top left

    • 1:kt_512_rough1-2

    • 2:kt_512_rough1b_grn2

    • 3:kt_512_rough1c2

    • 4:kt_512_rough1c2a

    • 5:kt_512_rough1d2

    • 6:kt_512_rough2-2

    • 7:kt_512_rough2b

    • 8:kt_512_rough2e

    • 9:kt_512_rough2f

    • 10:kt_512_rough2g

    • 11:kt_512_rough2i2b

    • 12:kt_512_rough2j

Download Locations

zip file [c.3.5 MB]


Rock II

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