WW2 German Kubalwagon (md3/ase)


The following "WW2 German Kubalwagon" download is for use in games or other interactive mediums supporting the MD3 and ASE format. Includes meshes and textures.

Model Details

  • author - ken 'kat' beyer

  • rel' date - April 05 (*.ase update May 09)

  • name - Kubalwagon

  • pk3 file - md3-kt_kubalwagon.pk3

  • info - A midpoly static 'centerpiece' vehicle model (hense the slightly higher polycount). No animations and wheels are currently fixed - may be a separate version out soon with individual wheel units. Note: glass shader pulled from RtCW games assets.

    Model is now available as a *.ase mesh that will allow easy correction or creation of textures and shaders of your own choosing. Zip file also includes UVW wire and AO bake maps for use when making textures.

  • polycount - 678

Download Locations

zip file [c.370 KB]

Kubalwagon front

Kubalwagon front

Kubalwagon back

Kubalwagon back