Standing Stones models (*.ase)

Standing Stones

The following "Standing Stones Models" download is for games and other interative mediums supporing the ASE format. Includes meshes and basic texture.

Model Details

  • author - ken 'kat' beyer

  • rel' date - n/a

  • name - Standing Stones

  • pk3 file -

  • info - Four rock models that can be resized and rotated to any size / angle for use primarily in a neolithic style standing stone circle. Although built for RtCW they can be used in any Q3 based game. AI Soldier shown below for default scale comparisons.


    note : these models DON'T have a 'base' texture applied by default (non shader), if you want to use a different texture or shader see below for information on how to easily apply your own.


    Rename the zip file to pk3 for use with Q3 based games, as other gamers are using the assets posted on KatsBits it has been found best to 'generaically' name files with the zip extension so those that don't know how to use pk3 file can easily use the enclosed assets.

    The files are ASE models, (which is a text based format) so the texture/shader path can easily be edited using notepad you don't need to use any 3D software, just open a file into notepad, find the texture path references & edit those to 'point' to your folders / textures / shaders, re-save to a location of your choice and then load ready textured into Radiant.

    If you want to use 'auto clipping' on the models instead of applying manual Playerclipping in Radiant you'll need to write a shader; see below for an example of a 'basic' shader that has autoclipping (change the texture paths as you see fit).

    warning : be warned that if you use auto clipping extensively you'll be generating a colossal amount of extra brush faces that count towards the total brushcount limit in Q3 engined games... watch out for max_map_..... errors.

    textures/spkat4/rock //change this to your own folder/filepath

    qer_editorimage textures/spkat4/512_rock_white.tga
    q3map_shadeangle 79 //optional value, can be increased / decreased
    // surfaceparm gravelsteps //optional - better to use a weaponClip brush

    map $lightmap
    rgbGen identity

    map textures/spkat4/512_rock_white.tga
    blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_ZERO
    rgbGen identity


    *note : using q3map_shadeangle on models that have specific smoothing groups can have some undesirable results, esp on more 'organically' shaped objects so this is commented out by default for this shader which was applied to the rock models shown below.

    For more rock textures see the other links on the left

  • polycount - c.50/125

Download Locations

zip file [c.800 KB]

Stones shown with RtCW soldier for scale

Stones shown with RtCW soldier for scale

Stones shown with RtCW soldier for scale

Stones shown with RtCW soldier for scale

stones showing shadows

stones showing cast shadows