MD5 sample mesh (*.blend)

Animated MD5 sample file

The following "MD5 Sample Mesh" download is for use in games or other interatice mediums supporting the MD5 mesh and animation format (*.md5mesh & *.md5anim). Includes mesh, rig, and basic animation sequence for export.

Old MD5 sample file

(for use with 2.49 up to 2.60)
Archived version of MD5 sample shown in Blender 2.49

Archived version of the MD5 sample file is available below for continued use with older versions of Blender and the MD5 export script. Check compatibility before use.

Model Details

  • author: KatsBits

  • rel' date: Jan 2014 (update)

  • name: animated MD5 sample file

  • zip file:

  • info: Updated version of "Bob", a low-poly character mesh for general export and testing of MD5 mesh and animation - "*.md5mesh" and "*.md5anim". File and it's contents should be opened in Blender 2.69 or above to avoid compatibility issues with older versions of Blender and/or resulting MD5 exports (md5mesh & md5anim).

    File includes two versions of the source file, one 'working' - mesh is intact with surfaces in 'quad' form; and one 'prepped' (exported) - mesh has been tessilated (triangulated) for export. For more details on prepping and exporting to MD5 read the general MD5 export guide here.

  • polycount: c.1050 (tris).

Download Information

Zip file c. 2.5MB

Updated animated MD5 sample file

MD5 sample file open in Blender (2.69 or newer)

Updated MD5 sample in MD5View

Updated MD5 animated mesh open in MD5View shown in mid-action

Animation and mesh shown in MD5View