Kats Cradle kat_q4dm1
(inc. sample files and editor assets)

Kat's Cradle

The following download is a custom multi-player level (map) for Quake 4

Quake 4 MP map details

  • author - Ken 'kat' Beyer

  • rel' date - Feb 06

  • name - Kat's Cradle

  • pk4 file - kat_q4dm1.pk4

  • game - FFA, Tourney

  • bots - *see info below

  • info - Submission to the VIAcga and Doom3World Quake 4 level design competition. Comprises a medium sized Quake 4 map for both FFA (Free For All) and Tourney (Tournament) play.

    Set in a 'cave' system with a main atrium and several adjoining sub rooms. Gameplay is a mix of fast pased action with elements of 'hide and seek' using a number of places to catch opponents unawares.

    *note : The map has been BotClipped and prepared for use with Bots, although currenly only available via 3rd party Quake 4 custom bot use, SABot for example. Unfortunately no guarentee can be given with regards to playability using 3rd party Bots because of the implementation differences that may occur within each Bot 'mod'.

    A second 'assets' pack is made available below for those wanting to look at the source files in Blender 3D. See below for Blender 3D source file. If you want to know how the cave was modelled then watch these videos to see the basic principle used in action. Also check out the texture blending tutorial here.

  • weapons - RL, GL, LG, RG, SG

Download Locations

Listed below are various download locations where the file is available, please note that some file mirrors may require sign up before download is available.

kat_q4dm1_v2.zip [UPDATE]

1.2 patch compatible - zip file [total size c.8.2MB]


1.0 (default) compatible only [total size c.8.00 MB]

screenshot Kat's Cradle

Main Atrium

screenshot Kat's Cradle

Main Atrium looking up

screenshot Kat's Cradle

Layer Cake

screenshot Kat's Cradle

Side chamber

kat_q4dm1 source file

The following file is the Blender 3D file used to create the final mesh object's for the above Quake 4 custom map.

  • The model is at a point before triangulation and final export to ASE; this makes it easier to see the contours and shapes present in the mesh and their directional 'flow'.

  • A 'checkerboard' editor texture is included that is used to UVWmap each section so that it occupies approximately the same texture resolution; this prevents obvious stretching and texture misalignment because you're able to see how the UVWmap is taking shape as you work.

  • The 'map' is broken down into a number of segments that make the whole model easier to manage by allowing sections to be worked on one as a time. It's also necessary as an optimisation for the game (Quake 4 in this instance) to prevent too much of the model from being drawn on screen at the same time.

Blender 3D object mode

katq4dm1 v18s source

Model shown below shows vertex painting and overall position of the model before repositioning for export.

dev shot

katq4dm1 v18q source

Mesh show below is still in Quads to show the edgeloop distribution across the model to make it's 'description' of the maps shapes easier to understand. This is an early version of the map yet to be finalised.

katq4dm1 source

katq4dm1 source

Download Locations

[total size c.1.2MB]. File contains - 3 x *.blend source files and 2 x TGA editor images