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  1. [IMVU] Make Clothing (Fabric Wrap) in Blender
  2. IMVU Creator In Residence 2022 archive
  3. [IMVU] Making a Hair Accessory with Blender (2.79 or older)
  4. [IMVU] Vertex Painting tips for Rooms
  5. [Minecraft] Pixel or Blocky Textures in Blender
  6. [IMVU] Poses in Blender - alternative to Deliverances Pose Sticker
  7. [Blender] Everything Rendered Grey
  8. [IMVU] Shape Key/Morph Overview - Animating Faces
  9. [IMVU] Creatormas 2020 - IMVU Studio & Normal Maps
  10. [IMVU] Studio Editor, Normal & Shininess Tricks & Tips
  11. [IMVU] Witches Coffee/Potion Mug
  12. [IMVU] Witches Cooking Pot
  13. [IMVU] Witches Magic Pumpkin Bike
  14. [IMVU] Magic Book supplimental content
  15. [IMVU] How to make chain links (jewellery/jewelry)
  16. [IMVU] Make a Room (garage) in Blender
  17. [IMVU] Studio Beta Gold Bar Furniture w/ Poses
  18. [IMVU] Studio Beta Gold Bars Furniture
  19. [IMVU] Studio Beta Gold Bar Accessory w/ Normal & Shininess
  20. [IMVU] Studio Beta Normal and Shininess Maps
  21. [IMVU] Studio Beta Creator Tool looksee
  22. [IMVU] clipping issues & default poses in Blender
  23. [IMVU] clothing & fixing clipping issues in Blender
  24. [IMVU] weight painting ('skinning') a pleated skirt in Blender
  25. [IMVU] UV editing a pleated skirt in Blender
  26. [IMVU] Make Toilet Paper Furniture w/ Custom Pose
  27. [IMVU] Custom poses using the Alternative Pose File
  28. [IMVU] Saucy Ribbon Wrap Clothing in Blender
  29. [IMVU] Neck Scarf Clothing in Blender
  30. [IMVU] Beanie Accessory in Blender
  31. [IMVU] Headscarf in Blender
  32. [IMVU] Two-Sided Rosette in Blender
  33. [IMVU] Making a Rosette Accessory in Blender
  34. [IMVU] Two-Sided Ribbon Corsage in Blender
  35. [IMVU] Ribbon Corsage Accessory in Blender
  36. [IMVU] Ribbon and Bow Tie Accessory in Blender
  37. [IMVU] Frankenstein Bolts & Witches Nose in Blender
  38. [IMVU] Gun powder Barrel Accessory in Blender
  39. [IMVU] Witches/Wizards Wand Accessory in Blender
  40. [IMVU] Witches Hat Accessory in Blender
  41. [IMVU] Make IMVU jewelry ring box accessory (Beginner Friendly) (LIVE!)
  42. [IMVU] making an animated Ice Scooter
  43. [Minecraft] mesh, rig, animate a character in Blender
  44. [IMVU] Make a Morph Animated Heart Accessory (LIVE!)
  45. [IMVU] Make an animated valentines putput motobike
  46. [IMVU] SketchUp to IMVU
  47. [IMVU] Make jewelry earring accessory (Beginner Friendly)
  48. [IMVU] Witches Traffic Cone Broomstick (animated) in Blender
  49. How to Installed Blender
  50. [IMVU] Intro to Blender for IMVU Creators (transcript & translation)