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  1. Facebook "We removed your post"
  2. SCAM WARNING - Bitcoin Sextortion & Blackmail Scams
  3. Use respectful, inclusive, and professional language in Coding, or else...
  4. SCAM WARNING - eBusiness Number Registry (European Business Registry)
  5. Gamergate was always a shakedown, so too GamerGate2
  6. SCAM ALERT: Bug/Vulnerability Bounty Blackmail (Beg Bounty)
  7. GamerGate Never Ends... Gamers as National Security Risks
  8. GamerGate2 - SweetBaby Boogaloo
  9. HOUSE OF LORDS - Large language models and generative AI
  10. Scorched Earth Policies to Stop AI Art
  11. Gatekeeping Hobbies and 'Male' Spaces (Gamergate)
  12. AI Content Generation & Artists Rights, a Conversation (live stream)
  13. S.686 RESTRICT Act
  14. "Trust me, I'm a professional artist!"
  15. UK's Online Safety Bill
  16. SCAM: Step Back in Time: Play All Your Beloved Games Again - Limited Offer!
  17. US Court Ruling on Copyright Protecting AI
  18. Boycotting AI
  19. Inadvertently Perpetuating Copyright/DMCA Confusion
  20. The Death of Feminist Frequency and Toxic Activism (TM)
  21. AI, Content Scraping and the Negative Affects on Copyright
  22. Slow Death of Stack Exchange (Blender 3D Community)
  23. AI Search will be the Death of the Internet
  24. Astroturfing 'stand with women in gaming' #NoRoomForAbuse
  25. SCAM ALERT: Nord VPN Brand Ambassadorship Inquiry
  26. SCAM ALERT: Medical Exploitation Bitcoin Scam
  27. SCAM ALERT: Nike YouTube Creator Sponsorship
  28. AI (not) Causing Harm to Humans
  29. Hey AI, Do You Lie?
  30. YouTube Copyright Warning PDF (Fake/False)
  31. Unsolicited Complaints of Copyright
  32. Be Nice (while you dismember your enemies) Code of Conduct
  33. Asking ChatGPT to "Explain GamerGate" (Generative AI and False Hope)
  34. Terms of Service Agreements are not law, and are not legally binding (FALSE)
  35. No, Alex Jones, Violent Video Games Don't Create Mass Shooters
  36. The Scourge of Plagiarism to Authors, Content Creators, and Makers
  37. ESA: Essential facts about the computer and video games industry
  38. Oculus, VR and the loss of childhood innocence
  39. GDPR & CCDA Data Phishing Scam
  40. Minecraft themed 'Trominoes'
  41. Minecraft themed Dominoes (PDF)
  42. SCAM WARNING - domain renewal scam (iGlobal Merchant Services)
  43. SCAM WARNING - World Business List scam
  44. Effects of sexualized video games on online sexual harassment
  45. World Health Assembly ICD-11 and Gaming Disorder
  46. Online Harms White Paper - indirect internet regulation & censorship
  47. Article 11 » 15, Article 13 » 17, EU Copyright Apr 2019 (provisional)
  48. Article 13 of the EU Copyright Directive
  49. European Commission on the Copyright Directive, Article 11 & Article 13
  50. Article 13, YouTube (BigTech) & #SaveYourInternet astroturfing