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Isometric Base Asset Pack
The "Isometric Base Asset Pack" is a ZIP archive containing 35 mesh objects in *.fbx format of various 'base' structures to aid in the construction and development of games in Unity 3D or other development environment supporting th… More »
9.99GBP 4.99GBP
Bake Normal Maps Blender Internal
Comprehensive eBook in PDF format on using Blender Render (Blender Internal) to bake textures (Texture Bake), in this instance Normal Maps from meshes, i.e. a high and low resolution version of the same object. Covers the process and discusses some… More »
4.99GBP 0.99GBP
Collision Meshes & Game Models
Comprehensive eBook in PDF format on using Collision Models and their use with game models, understanding what they are and how to use them. Although Collision is simple enough in principle, various aspects of game development affect how they shoul… More »
4.99GBP 0.99GBP
Make IMVU rooms with Blender 3rd Ed.
Updated and expanded, the 3rd Edition of the "Making IMVU rooms with Blender" tutorial eBook contains details information about making custom rooms for IMVU, explaining the "whys" not just the "how's" to help Creator… More »
24.99GBP 9.99GBP
Rendering a Skybox (Environment Map)
Comprehensive eBook in PDF format on using Blender to create and render a simply Skybox or "Environment Map" using Blender Render (Blender Internal). From basic set-up to render and saving, including hints, tips and other considerations. … More »
4.99GBP 0.99GBP
Render a Skybox using Cycles
Comprehensive eBook in PDF format on using Blender to create and render a simply Skybox or "Environment Map" using Cycles Render.Cycles doesn't have the same material properties as Blender Internal but a simple work-around can be use… More »
4.99GBP 0.99GBP
Make a simple Medieval Chair
Fed up trying to get to grips with Blender? It's a complicated program that can take years to learn, chasing tutorial after tutorial that just don't seem to help. With "Make a Simple Medieval Chair in 7 Steps" learn to make a s… More »
9.99GBP 3.99GBP
Red Ninja - Make a simple Animated Character
Comprehensive eBook compatible with PC, Apple and Android devices in *.pdf, *.epub and *.mobi formats, on using the the latest version of Blender 3D to make a simple animated Red Ninja character from start to finish. From shaping the default Scene… More »
14.99GBP 9.99GBP
Red Ninja extended project files
ZIP archive containing extended project files to accompany the Make a Simple Animated Red Ninja Character in Blender tutorial. Includes an additional 150+ *.blend (*) source files and high-resolution (1024 x 1024 pixel) texture image - diffuse, ambie… More »
9.99GBP 4.99GBP
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