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Isometric Base Asset Pack

Isometric Base Asset Pack
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Product Code: ISOG6
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Product Information

The "Isometric Base Asset Pack" is a ZIP archive containing 35 mesh objects in *.fbx format of various 'base' structures to aid in the construction and development of games in Unity 3D or other development environment supporting the format. Includes walls, floors, steps and doorways. Built using METRIC units, each snaps - rotates, transforms and scales - to a "1 Unit" (typically "1 metre") grid. Meshes are UV mapped and assigned a Material comprising a diffuse 'colour' and Texture 'image' in *.tga format (replace or over-write as required) - due to the nature of each respective development environment assets are packed 'raw' allowing their use to be tailored to project directory/folder structures.

• Zip contains 35 *.fbx mesh objects, 20 *.tga bitmap images.

Permissions, Licence & Copyright
Asset use is Royalty Free. Licence (purchase) covers usages per;
COMMERCIAL use is licence per (single) PUBLISHED project.
PERSONAL use is licence per (multiple) UNPUBLISHED, NON-COMMERCIAL project[1].
EDUCATIONAL use is licence per (multiple) UNPUBLISHED, NON-COMMERCIAL project, or (single) PUBLISHED, NON-COMMERCIAL project[1].

A Copyright Notice is not mandatory to use this asset pack[2]

For licencing queries contact (with Order Number if available).

[1] Personal or Educational projects published with the intent to monetise content are commercial in nature so require licence. The Difference largely relates to 'personal' being attributed to a single individual, whereas 'Education' relates to a class, study group or collection of individuals. For more contact with questions or queries (include Order Number if known).

[2] Inclusion of a Copyright Notice within the 'credits' of published projects is not specifically mandatory for use of this item but may be prudent to include due to assets being third-party authored, to cover the Individual or Corporate Entity against claims of misappropriation, and to comply with the Intent behind regulations governing International Copyright.

Isometric Base asset pack preview (lot 1)
Isometric Base asset pack preview (lot 2)
Isometric Base Asset Pack loaded into Unity and a partial scene made

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